Thursday, September 30, 2010

Really good Wednesday.

You know when you just have a really good day, I mean, simple things that just add up to one really nice day? That was yesterday. It started with a run for me and my buddy, and then we made an impromptu trip down to the Mississippi River, which I think he calls the Sippi River and for the longest time Alla called the MississNippi. Good morning, Mississippi.
The real reason we went: the possibility of seeing a barge go through the lock and dam. Fisher calls it the garbage barge, after reading the book with the exact same title.
Alas, we did not see the barge, but it was fun just the same. Fisher told me so.
And anytime you switch up your routine, do something different, it really does wonders.
We also spied some gorgeous fall colors.
Our own street looks lovely this time of year, just subtle yellows and leaves in the gutters and the amazing blue sky we had yesterday.
Another simple thing that made our day: the kids in absolute love with each other.
Alla misses him when she's at school, and vice versa, so they are sometimes stuck to each other like glue in the afternoons.
I ended the day with my yoga class, and this morning I got snuggles from both kids. Apparently Fisher missed me, as he asked, Mommy last night whaddya do'd? I dooood my yoga class, Buddy. And it was a good day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. School did not go as well today. Regression. I told Fisher Mama did not get to learn any stuff today and Fisher did not get to have any fun because his teacher had to call me to console him. Sigh.

2. We have a lot of meatballs in this house. Mexican meatballs, meatball soup, meatballs with pasta. And they are not usually well-received. In fact last night we had a near uprising at the dinner table.

3. Do my children think that I will just suddenly decide to start serving them sandwiches and rice cakes every night for dinner? Because that's what they'd eat if given the choice.

4. Today we're headed to the Farmer's Market after nap. In a few weeks there will be no more market til next summer, so we're going to go and enjoy. Also it's lovely outside.

5. Also my son asked when we can get more beets, so there's that.

6. Three more weeks of fall soccer.

7. Alla and I spend yesterday afternoon reading a wonderful book: The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip. Oh, delight!

8. A lovely friend sent me Mockingjay in the mail yesterday and I tore right into it.

9. I saw the most amazing idea in a recent Family Fun magazine: dedicating a digital frame to display scanned images of your kids' artwork. How genius is that!?!?!?

10. I am so so glad that Private Practice and Parenthood are back. Love them.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five.

1. Yesterday was a washout. Seriously like a full day of rain, so we stayed in and made granola (gah-nowa). He's wondering why he can't see the molasses (mohwasses) anymore. 2. And probably why on earth it takes a few hours to cook (and be ready to go in his mouth). Soon as he woke up from nap, he asked for gahnowa.
3. My wonderful husband (and Pappi and a neighbor) put this frame together for the chalkboard I made, and now we have the best addition to our kitchen since the coffee grinder. The top half for me to write all of the carb count stuff at meals, and the bottom half for the kids to create.
4. A fun thing while Pappi was here - playing in the back of his truck. (99% of the time, the kid has scratched up his nose in one spot or another.)
5. Ever since school started, I appreciate weekends like I did when I was working. Just cannot wait to relaaaaaaaaaaaax. (Oh, and sit out there on a chilly Saturday morning for soccer.)
Happy weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer's end.

Summer is quickly, officially coming to an end. We're in our third week of school, and don't feel like it's so completely new anymore. It's crisp out there sometimes, though of course there are still plenty of warm days to come. And yet I seem to have tons of summer pictures I haven't even gone through, so I thought I'd share a few before it got so far into the next season that I looked back on these and thought, Why on earth isn't she wearing a coat in these pictures? For awhile there, every time Daddy would mow, our bullfrog friend would leap from the garden, only to be captured by Alla, friend to all insects and critters. And then there's the mowing itself, the joy. When Fisher hears that Daddy will be going out to mow, it had better be at a time when he's also allowed to go out and help. Why bother to stop and put on pants or your own shoes just to mow? I know, it's because this was the summer of the meanest mosquitoes ever.
Not much better than enjoying a freezie pop with your Dada. He's just recently stopped asking for them, and I find this age enchanting, when they really don't remember last year, last season, what comes next. No, freezie pops are not a fall food.
I love these two. I love that they love each other.
I had the best summer I can remember.

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Ron and I went on an impromptu dessert date on Saturday night. Ah, the perks of having a grandparent stay with you for a little while!

2. Dessert date means only one thing here. Butterscotch pudding at Nick and Eddie. Divine.

3. Fisher has got practically all of the neighborhood kids turning their trikes or motorized vehicles into vactors. I'm very proud of my son for teaching our whole block, kids and grown-ups alike, about vactors.

4. On Saturday, I broke out the blow dryer for the first time in three months. My hairdresser will be elated. I will tell her tonight when I get my first haircut in three months.

5. Fisher was a pro at school this morning, I tell you. I was so proud of him. Not a single tear when I went across the hall to "Mommy class," just a see ya later and back to playing in the sand table.

6. We had to run to the bus stop this morning because Fisher saw the recycling truck coming and just had to see it take our recycling, but of course it was one minute til the time we're supposed to be at the bus stop, so once the recycling truck left our house, I had to drag him down the street and Alla had to run two houses because the bus was pulling up!

7. Gladly, they've changed our bus stop, so starting tomorrow there will be no conflict of interest (recycling truck versus bus stop), as the bus will be picking her up in front of our house. Lovely. This will really come in handy when it's five below outside.

8. Alla's favorite book of the week: Camilla Chameleon.

9. Fisher's favorite book of the week: anything digger related, of course, but we'll just go with this one for posterity's sake - Mega Trucks.

10. It's gorgeous today, we ate lunch outside, and it's supposed to be near 80 over the weekend! Can one stockpile sunshine, do you think?

Two and a half.

He is two and a half today. Very two and a half, sometimes.
He gives me crazy smiles and sweet smiles. He wants his Dada more than anything, and the next he needs his mama to sing his naptime song.
He told me at bedtime, Bes mama in de whole wye worl.
He is the best son in the whole wide world.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things he said today.

I snapped a few pics of him on his first day of "school" (he goes with me once a week 'til January when he also gets to go once a week by himself), and today he said such great things that I thought I'd include those. But first, he looks the cutest in his little LL Bean backpack. I'm hoping that, just as the reviews state, he'll have this backpack til college. OK, I might have to get him the next size up at some point, but still.
So, today when Ron had to stop at home at lunch time, Fisher said to me, I don't want Daddy go back to wuhk. I know, honey, but Daddy has to get the money. But I just get money in my piggy box. (Unfortunately their piggy "boxes" are not big enough to hold a mortgage payment.
When Alla left: I WANT MY AWA!!
And after we left the dentist, both of us with clean, cavity-free teeth: That was a good dentist!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today was the first day of school for Fisher! I was a bit nervous about the whole separation thing (and by that I mean separating to different classrooms for 45 minutes), but after some serious sobbing, his teacher said he calmed down quickly.

2. He decided not to eat his snack but instead went to the sand table, which he just had to show me when I returned.

3. And, the best part - when we were walking to the car, he said to me, "I wike dat cwass!" Thank goodness. I think it's going to be a great year.

4. The morning paper mysteriously disappeared today. I looked under cars, I couldn't find it. I'm still holding out hope that Ron accidentally took it to work.

5. Tonight we have fall soccer pictures. Just what we needed, more soccer pictures.

6. While Daddy's taking her for pictures, however, I will be with Fisher at the Farmer's Market.

7. We have a wonderful house guest! Pappi's here for a couple weeks!

8. Ron and I went to The Melting Pot this weekend. How nice it was to sit there for two whole hours, and then waddle ourselves home.

9. I hate to see summer come to an end, but I'm actually looking forward to fall stuff: apples, seeing what's in the winter boxes for the kids (what did I buy last year?), and, of course, fall TV!

10. Speaking of fall TV, Parenthood starts tonight!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today was for.

Letting her brush my hair and give me a hair 'do. Then letting her hold my camera and photograph her work. And me.
Today was for playing Monopoly with my daughter and my mother.
Today was for abundant sunshine, reading, standing outside with no shortage of friends to chat with.
Today was for Dutch Babies made in thanks of grandparents that make our life a little easier, more wonderful.
Today was for kids complaining about something at dinner. Oh, wait, that's everyday. Scratch that.
Today was for picking one [last?] zucchini.
Today was for both kids getting a cold. Nothing like school to help out with that.
Today was for family.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


The giant sunflower we were waiting on had only a few days to open itself up before a mean old squirrel thought nothing of climbing its stalk, all the way to the tippy top, which left the heavy flower dangling by whatever that core bit is called.
Look how big the leaves are!
Poor thing hadn't even fully opened. (It has now, in a vase of water in our bathroom!) We have one sunflower left, though not as tall or wide. We'll have to celebrate that one, the fittest.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The story of her first day of kindergarten, and mine.

Here she is in all her morning glory. I won't say she bounded out of bed before me, but when I woke her at 7:30 she was raring to go after a few yawns and stretches.Her morning routine goes something like this: potty, brush hair, make bed, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, shoes, bus. Daddy was on hand to send her off at the bus this morning. (Who am I kidding, Daddy was on hand for moral support after the send-off this morning.)

I kept busy all morning, readying things, straightening, pictures, busy busy busy. I was okay until this moment. Until I could hear the bus coming for her, and then see it down the street and I knew she was next and I knew it would be quick. And then I thought, Oh God I'm not ready and my throat lumped up. 8:45am.
It was quick. Ron had to remind her to turn around for one last picture.
Then one last kiss (I didn't even get one then, good thing I got mine at home!) and she was ready. More than ready. Her friend Cody was already waiting on the bus.
She didn't even look back.
And then she was gone.
Fisher and I went for a run, came home and made her a bus picture and cookies.

And, I have to admit, it went much faster than I thought it would. 12:25 rolled around and Fisher and I found ourselves waiting out in the grass, the sun having made an appearance.
When she got off the bus I felt flooded with happiness, relief, joy, just so glad to have my baby back in my arms.
I was not the only one. The two of us pretty much tackled her, but then I had to step back and see how much he really missed his big sister. I missed you, Awa, he said. He squeezed her, took her hand and led her into the house and they had a blissful hour before his nap.

At some point this afternoon I realized what an emotional day this was and thought, I cannot do this again tomorrow, but of course we have to, and surely I'll get used to it.

The highlight of my day.

Was hearing and then seeing the bus come around the corner with Alla on it. Fisher and I just about trampled her with hugs and kisses. More to come.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

This is the State Fair post.

Seven-something a.m. Once again, cool start. But sheer excitement walking into the fairgrounds. Is Alla completely off the ground?
Cow butts: small, medium, or large?
Pig snouts.

What fair is complete without trash truck sightings? Yes, plural.

Alla climbed halfway up the rock wall! Last year she was scared.
Last year she was also scared of the big ferris wheel. Not this year!

This was at like ten-fifteen. Already too tired to walk. Thank goodness for Uncle Will coming along!
Spotted from the Sky Ride: Fried Fruit on a Stick. Really? Why do they have to go and mess up even the simplest things?
The sky ride took us over to the Food Building and at the fruit stand outside I chose the Peaches and Cream, complete with two gluten-free, dairy-free cookies for Fisher, two small peaches that he gobbled up, and Alla chose this giant orange which she just seemed to adore.
Guess what else she wasn't afraid of this year? The Giant Slide! She went on once with me and then begged Ron to take her again. Fisher loved it, too.
Uncle Will, Aunt Renee, and Daddy waiting for us to ride the carousel.
I'm super glad we're still doing little kid stuff like this. Alla's there on the other side of Fisher.
After the carousel we headed to the truck area. Let me just say, little boy heaven.
(Maybe big boy heaven, too?)
OK, I'm not going to lie. Not a lot of kids who don't like cool trucks, girl or boy.

Onto the next tractors.
We saved the best for last - KUBOTA!
Swear we didn't even get two blocks north of the fair before he conked out. Like, it wasn't even worth trying to keep him up til we got home. He just kept on sleeping even after we got home. That tuckered out.
I'm often struck by simple moments like this, when she notices how sweet he is herself. Of course, that's because she's so sweet, too.