Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ten on Tuesday.

1. In our newspaper lately, the little blurb in the weather section has been lamenting the fact that July 4th is already behind us. Time is moving way too fast. Alla said to me this is the first summer that she feels it, too. For us, July 4th really only marks 1/3 of the summer, but goodness it is a big mark. It's a check in time, but also a panic time. Are we doing enough, are we doing nothing at all, what does everyone want to be doing, how should we spend our days.

2. I'd say in general, when we do nothing, everyone is happiest. I'm happiest when we go to Duluth and do nothing but sit on the shore and look for rocks. Must do that soon.

3. I got up to run yesterday and it was so hard, but when I got home it was only 68, and I was just drenched and done and Ron was aghast because it was, as I said, only 68. Maybe what got me through that scorcher was that some awesome person had scrawled all these inspiring chalk messages throughout my route, so that every quarter mile or so I had something like this is tough but so are you to keep me going. Thanks, person!

4. Last week I enjoyed reading Ginny Moon, which I recommend to everyone, and now I can't keep from thinking hard things are tedious and from saying well dang! when something doesn't go my way. Charming book.

5. Now I've just started Beyond the Bright Sea, which I have been waiting for since winter.

6. After a two week hiatus from baseball, Fisher has started extended season!

7. He has also started orchestra (violin) lessons this week.

8. Both kids passed their swim levels, and now Alla is on track to start the Instructor Aide program!

9. I have made a concerted effort to add to my summer wardrobe this year, but turns out that most of what I've been buying is either navy or navy and white stripes. So I'm no longer allowed to buy either.

10. I do not know why my son has to make such a pained face in every photograph.

11. As a bonus, I've included this photo of an orangutan. You're welcome.