Thursday, September 07, 2017

Back to School 2017.

Fisher started fourth grade on Tuesday. It's ok. Two more years in elementary, though, doesn't seem like a lot. Here's what's great about Fisher. When asked, a few days before his first day, if he wanted something new to wear the first day, he looked at me funny. When I asked him what he was going to wear, he looked at me even funnier and told me, like I was daft, a tshirt and shorts. As in, what I wear every single day, Mom, until it's gotta switch to pants. I got him this lovely chess shirt from Target and we called it a good compromise.

Alla got to have an extra day off - 7th and 8th grade don't start til Wednesday - so she and I had a girls day. We got mani-pedis and had lunch out. Can't wait for next year's girls day!

Her summer ended, too, though, and Alla had her first day of seventh grade (I checked, it's right), which I find incredible.

Perhaps more incredible, though, is how she's just a couple inches shy of me, according to the doctor's office just last week. She will probably catch me by the end of seventh grade.

It was very important for Ron to get in the picture, too, with his very own sign.

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