Monday, October 15, 2012

Twelve on the 12th: October.

Friday, October 12th was a day free of school, for some reason, so perhaps that is why twelve pictures were taken this month!

From top left:

Alla at the library, we can bring that book home, dear
Alla with the Viewmaster
Alla's new book
Books to return

Fisher at the library, look how high he can reach
Fisher's smokejumper
Kids on the library bench, we are bringing those home, you know
Leaf rubbing

Leaf walk
Monkeys jumping on the bed
Stowing summer clothes
End of day, cleaning teeth.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Had lunch with Alla today at school. Hope she never tires of that.

2. Been thinking (ok, obsessing) of our eventual remodeling project, and searching for "small master bathroom" on Pinterest. You would not believe the vastness that some people consider "small."

3. Alla requested split pea soup this weekend, and thanks to a friend I have the best recipe for it. The pot was practically licked clean.

4. We are headed to the library when it opens at one today, as a whole slew of Halloween books have come in for us!

5. I am in the middle of The Age of Miracles, and am just absorbed by it.

6. Have stuffed red peppers in the crockpot for dinner, yum!

7. I am finally getting around to backing up my personal photos today, almost a year's worth.

8. I have Army Wives Season 6 waiting for me at the library as well, but don't see how I can possibly watch all of that.

9. I haven't gotten around to starting Private Practice this season yet, either, which is a show I love.

10. Walked outside around eleven this morning and saw eighteen turkeys just moseying down our street. No, we do not live in the wild. Just a typical suburb here!