Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I wouldn't say spring is exactly in the air here, like it was last year when we had zero snow and 60 degrees in March, but regardless, the kids have one day of school and then are officially on spring break. I think the official number of school days left in the month of March for Alla is 5.

2. We are headed to the Outer Banks for Spring Break with Ron's whole family, and are just hoping it's in the 50s. Isn't that something, when you know that if it's 50 degrees you'll be warm.

3. One week from today my baby will be five. 'Nuff said.

4. This year with Easter being in March, another thing in March, I'm afraid the Easter Bunny is probably going to be a bit, shall we say, downplayed.

5. It seems Easter baskets are a bit like Christmas stockings, no?

6. Have I mentioned my favorite chocolate pudding here before? I have made it twice in the past two weeks, ok one week, and I just adore it. But Ron refuses to allow me to call it "pudding" because of the avocados.

7. I prefer to eat that delicious CHOCOLATE PUDDING in a little ramekin with a smattering of sea salt on top, but we seem to be low in the ramekin department. I believe there are a few in the freezer holding various frostings and chipotle peppers, and I may have broken one or two. I am on the lookout for a new set. Do you use ramekins?

8. I have finally finished The Twelve, and no I did not enjoy it nearly as much as The Passage, but I am looking forward (next year!) to the conclusion of the trilogy, and Justin Cronin you better end it well.

9. Now that I am done devoting a quarter of a year to the viral apocalypse, I am ready to move on. Picked up Code Name Verity at the library today.

10. When asked what he would like for his birthday dinner, while we're on vacation, Fisher mentioned a few different options. Beans top the list, and he had a hard time deciding if pintos or black beans are his favorite (so very glad for beans). He couldn't decide if Black Bean Soup or Lentil Soup is his favorite. He wants corn, too. And sweeties. And cake. Sounds like a feast to me!