Monday, August 29, 2011

The block party post.

Fasten your seatbelts, I'm actually going to share some of the block party pictures from almost a month ago! This year we did fun stuff like fill up a million water balloons when it was 90 degrees out, have a water balloon toss and then let kids (Fisher) have at the rest of 'em.

But let's be honest, there is nothing quite like spotting a fire truck driving (slowing, sans sirens) onto your street. Kids of all ages are always in awe.
Ron had to take his turn cranking homemade ice cream during part of the fire truck festivities. Fisher was a little nervous about climbing into the truck when he first saw it. I guess awe is one thing, but it is a huge vehicle, so I can understand his hesitation. He got over that fast, though, and then we could hardly get him to come out. And it is very important to fasten your seat belt in a fire truck.There have been a plethora of various water squirters come out of the woodwork since the block party, left on our lawn, I suppose. Fisher was enchanted with them all, and really spent a large portion of the day squirting anything and anyone who'd let him. Including Dad.The fire truck pictures are among my favorites, but this last one might take the prize. This is Fisher with his buddy from around the corner, and there was some baseball-ish game going on. This is Fisher handing his friend the "bat," sharing, and it was just a simple gesture, but I thought the way the "bat" changed hands was simply endearing.

We are definitely lucky to live here among such good people.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eight million.

When I look at this picture I realize we have about eight million pictures of Alla and Fisher, individually, and plenty of them together, but not nearly enough with us, just hanging out like this, monkeying around and the camera happens to be out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super swing.

This is almost certainly the last summer of this blue swing we inherited from dear friends when they moved four years ago, so it is imperative that I document what is happening with it now, (and not just with Fisher - the whole neighborhood has gotten on it at one time or another). He always wants a high push, where he can reach the branches, but I know that he digs the cool disk swings all the big kids have. And I know that his sister wants something more suitable for six year olds. So, next summer we'll move on. But at least I have this photo of what we did when he was three.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I can't believe how summer is winding down. To be honest, I'm not thrilled about it. I'm not looking forward to September.

2. School supplies have been purchased, and we're in the midst of sharpening all 48 of her pencils. I think we might need a new sharpener.

3. Alla started a chapter book! I don't know if it has seemed too daunting up til now, but she hasn't wanted to try anything longer than the 20-plus Henry and Mudge books, which are about four chapters each.Link
4. Fisher will have the same teacher and aide this year! Yay, that will make for a smooth transition. I hope.

5. This is quickly becoming the Back to School edition of Ten on Tuesday, and at the moment I am firmly against Back to School, so let's change the subject.

6. We are experimenting with quiet time instead of nap time for Fisher. He loves his naps, falls asleep very easily at naptime. But then bedtime is another matter. Sometimes it's ten o'clock before he's asleep. Me thinks that's a bit late for a three year old. Yesterday's experiment went well, although at 4:00 (designated get-up time around here), he told me, But I didn't get to hold Lovey and suck my finger. Because he was too busy reading a pile of books. So cute.

7. Up twice last night. First time: Fisher's friends (all umpteen of them) were no longer tucked in with him, and I had to convince him that keeping them tucked in with him all night wasn't going to happen. Second time: bad dream for Alla. I should have just climbed into bed with her, as sleepy as my eyes still were. Because after being woken up twice, that's pretty much it for me; it's at least an hour til I get back to sleep, and that's after getting up for a bowl of cereal.

8. We made pancakes for breakfast.

9. Meals have been oh so uninspired this summer. Something like this: grill chicken sausage, pick up some corn from the corner stand, make some rice or quinoa. I suppose that's how summer goes, but I do miss more, well, inspired cooking. I hear fall is right around the corner for plenty of that.

10. Things to look forward to in the next two weeks: meeting Declan, meeting Alla's teacher, and the State Fair. That's right, it's that time again. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The summer cold has officially arrived. Ron actually brought it home last week after a 2-night work trip, so this year there's no saying, How do you get a cold in the middle of summer?

2. Fisher woke up with a bark of a cough last night, his go-to cold symptom. After I convinced him to eat half an orange this morning to up his vitamin C, he told me that his cold was not gone. He was very upset about this.

3. We had a family picnic on Sunday evening to a local park where The Okee Dokee Brothers were playing. Check out this link at about 1:00 to see Miss Alla saunter down the hill in her yellow top and hot pink skirt.

4. I ordered exactly 100 photos yesterday through Snapfish for exactly one dollar and seven cents (MN tax), shipped. Score.

5. We're sitting here watching Hot Tub Time Machine and it's storming outside. For real.

6. Two more days of swimming camp, and I am hoping that Fisher gets to swim the next two days. I had him sit out today because of his new cold, but he sat there on the sidelines practicing his "Tickle T Takeoff." Anyone else's kids do this in swim class?

7. Have I mentioned the storm? It seems we don't get just rain here anymore, it's torrential, and it's a problem for our backyard. It's Lake MinneKillins back there.

8. Three weeks til school starts for Alla. Better start coming up with some awesome plans for Fish and I.

9. Number nine is Fisher and Pappi, since Nana and Pappi have been gone for almost 2 weeks now and we miss them. 10. Number ten is a random never-shared from the 4th, the kids with their friend Brooke watching Daddy do his firework magic.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This is not a necklace.

This is not a necklace. It is a string of one hundred beads, each representing having read one book.

At the beginning of the summer (fearing the summer slide), I asked Alla how many books she thought she could read over the summer, to which she responded, 100. So she got busy reading.

And, last Thursday I watched her read the 100th book, put the 100th bead on her long, long string, and feel so proud for having reached that very big goal. This weekend she was rewarded with a trip to the bookstore for 5 new books, and and afternoon of swimming and ice cream with Daddy. We are very proud of you, Alla Balla!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three things.a

My children are into their ages being the deciding factors for a lot of stuff. They'll want to eat three or six more bites of something since they are three and six.

So, today, Fisher, I'm going to tell you three things you said to me, in no particular order:

1. Do we have any more salmon?
2. Do we have any more quinoa?
3. I like you, Mommy.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Four weeks left of summer.

2. There are 41 miles of paved trails in our city. Lots of running and biking to do here.

3. We are having simply glorious summer weather highs in the seventies.

4. Kiddos are in the midst of a two-week swim camp. Smiles all around.

5. Alla seems to think that heels would be appropriate footwear for school this year.

6. Thinking of taking the kids to a local parade tomorrow evening!

7. 60 pages left of my book, and I'm eager to get on to the next ones!

8. Fisher is up there in bed right now singing his very own version of this song. It is a-dorable. If you need some new kids' music that the grown-ups will love as well, we strongly recommend our local Okee Dokee Brothers.

9. At bedtime tonight Alla told me she can't wait for the next summer break (yes, next summer) so she can spend the whole summer with me. She's looking forward to school starting, but when she starts thinking about it, I believe the idea of being away all day long isn't sounding like her cup of tea.

10. I really don't have ten today, only nine. So here's number ten - I can't even get enough of her.