Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie recommendation.

I wish I could have gone, but I'm on "Nursing Time," meaning my whole day is dictated by when Fisher nurses. Movie times don't necessarily jive with that, so, lucky for Alla, she has the most wonderful Daddy, who took her to see BOLT in 3D today, and promptly snapped this pic with his iPhone when they returned. So, according to Alla (and Daddy, if you were wondering), BOLT is a fine movie and you should go see it. Well, take your kids anyway; it might be weird if just you, a grown-up, went by yourself and all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello, Mr.Turkey, how are you?

As promised, a special Thanksgiving song to sing for the feast. I am grateful for my little singing-dancing princess.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The day before.

Ron and I have always had Thanksgiving together. Even that first year, in my crappy Urbana, Illinois apartment, with my runny fruit salad and his dumpy rolls. We've always cooked, whether we had friends or family joining us, if we're joining friends, and even if it's just the two of us. Well this year it's the four of us, and the food's already a-cookin'!

Carrot souffle is one of our faves. This year I'm putting the stuffing in the crockpot and the potatoes in the microwave. Made some yummy (ok we might have sampled them) sweet potato biscuits for breakfast because, hey, you might as well start putting all that good stuff in your belly first thing in the morning. If you have some sweet potatoes you're not going to use, get busy on this easy recipe. You'll thank me.

And what is my little helper up to? Watching cranberries pop. She's got a little Thanksgiving surprise for you tomorrow, so gather the family 'round the ole 'puter in between the 85th and 86th lame marching band in the Big Parade. We promise, it'll totally make your day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. One day, when this cupboard no longer contains bibs and snack bowls and wash cloths for messy faces, I want to remember that one day, it did.2. And, one day, when my freezer contains frozen pizza and sad-looking leftovers, I want to remember that one day, it held baggies full of colorful fresh pureed fruits and veggies for Fisher.3. I am going to make homemade yogurt.

4. So far, running in November is just fine. The cold + wind = no big deal. Now it's more about figuring out running in the dark when Ron gets home from work. So don't want to get run over.

5. Have you sat yourself down and realized how the time is flying? How this Thursday is Thanskgiving? How I have an eight-month-old? How does all this happen?
6. Consequently, this means that any shopping you do now is not early just on time. And pretty soon will be considered last-minute. And oh how I thought I was going to be ahead of things this year.

7. We stumbled upon the best book at the library yesterday. Ron gave it 5 stars. We read a LOT of library books around here, probably checking out 20 new ones each week, so I feel we have some credibility here. When we say 5 stars, we mean business. What are some of your family's five-star books?

8. Finally ordering Sept+Oct photos. Which will just sit here versus being put into albums and labeled.

9. Did you know that Snapfish has 9 cent prints? Listen, for everyday snapshots, this is a sweet deal. Act quick-like and you can get free shipping.

10. Just when I thought Ron was going to officially revoke my library card for all the green reading I do, he has decided that the Mrs. Meyer's dish soap I brought home is well worth the $5 price tag because of the intoxicating scent (it's lavendar, but I swear there's something else in there, it's the best lavendar I have EVER smelled). He actually suggested bathing in it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A few tricks up their sleeves.

My two are a talented bunch, I tell you.

First up, Little Miss Practicing for Her First Talent Show, I think.

Next up, it's the officially CRAWLING Little Master of the House. I'm afraid it was a bit anti-climactic with the few weeks of army-crawling and all, but it really was all of a sudden, him getting up and trying out the traditional crawl every time he lands on all fours. The inchworm is still around, still faster, but I imagine that mode of transportation is slowly making its way out. Sniff, sniff.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 months.

Wish I had a fresh new pic for the occasion, but it's like dark as a tunnel here, so this one's a week old and hopefully the sun will come out so my camera can play tomorrow?
You weigh 21 pounds, 8 ounces.
You are heavy. Most of that weight is in your head, which I am reminded of regularly as you headbutt me with your bounces of joy.
You adore Cheerios.
You are trying to clap yay!
You start your day snuggling + nursing in Mama's bed and this is one of the few times of day where it is just you + me.
You are a professional army crawler.
You say mama and dada and mah for 'more.' But of course you say all those things when and if you darn well please.
You are obsessed with Daddy's cell phone.
You would catapult yourself down the stairs to get to that vacuum if we'd let you.
And once it's on, you will cry cry cry when it's time to turn it off. You love the vacuum.
You are content and mellow and along for the ride.
You are fun and joyful and I love you, Fish.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Around here, soon apparently means one day, or eventually, or in due time.

Lately we've been hearing a lot of, Soon I'll be TOO smart!

And, Soon I'm going to kindergarten! Yep.

And, Soon I'll be TEN!

Hopefully not too soon, my love. More like, in due time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I really can't say if this picture will be click-able (seems that some are, some aren't), but this was attempt #1 at getting a shot of his two (yes, two) little chompers. 2. Love it when I find a new blog that I makes me delve into all the archives.

3. Today was diaper-washing day.

4. The weather is getting very wintery. It was 29 when I went out for my run yesterday evening. Brrr. What are you gonna do, though? It's not like it's getting any warmer.

5. I heard Alla crying during her 'naptime' this afternoon. When I went in the playroom to check on her, I found her holding her princess crown and sobbing, I broke my crown to smithereens! Now I can't be a snow princess!

6. In case you missed the reference, we've been watching a lot of Dora Saves the Snow Princess around here.

7. This is why we use nontoxic floor cleaners. 8. And this is evidence of how my world is about to change. Crawling is just.around.the.corner. I
give it til Thanksgiving. May I be wrong about this. 9. Because of #8, this weekend's project = gates. We never did this with Alla, so any tips are greatly appreciated.

10. I printed out the beginnings of my Thanksgiving recipes tonight, so I can start getting the menu/ginormous grocery list ready. Can anyone believe how fast the holidays are approaching?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's grey. But still 63 degrees. I'll take it.

We bought birthday presents for little friends.
I'm working on my Week in the Life album.
I DID find that bench link, right there in my etsy favorites. That would be a great post for all of us to do one day, wouldn't it? Everyone share five things in their etsy favorites. Hmmmmm.
I'm on page 177 of Gluten-Free Girl.
I requested A Picture Perfect Childhood from the library.

I made carrots for Fisher, and he loved them. Surprise, surprise.
I added one of his carrot cubest to my lunch soup. Yum.

Both kids decided that rice cakes are the best thing ever. Alla likes hers dipped in plain yogurt, surprise, surprise. Fisher just likes to gnaw on it til it's sticky messy ground into his skin and clothes.

I am enjoying Trader Joe's pound-plus dark chocolate squares. Yum.

We begin a new era, and we are all hopeful that that means something.
What's your today like?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We've done our civic duty. And didn't even have to wait in line! I think it took longer to get the kids in and out of the car than it did to actually sign in and vote.2. Fisher has his first tooth!

3. Alla had picture day today at school. She went for the patriotic look.
4. I want this big K for our wall.

5. New favorite breakfast smoothie: handful of spinach, two big scoops of frozen OJ concentrate, a bit of water, and a banana. YUM.

6. It was 74 degrees here yesterday, on the third of November. Kind of rare in these parts for it to be that warm this time of year, but it reminded me of two years ago when we had a similar warm early November.

7. I hate it when things remind me of some previous blog post and then I have to go back and find it and see Little Miss Alla, when she was really that little, because invariably it causes me to choke up and get very very sad that two years has passed and that she's not that small anymore and gosh she still looked like such a baby then and was she really still in diapers then?

8. Found this on Ron's camera, proof that I actually went on the California trip, too. Your classic waiting for the shuttle bus at LAX snapshot.9. The last day of our trip Katie and I got to hook up with Lacey, Kel, Stace and ALL the kids. Nine total. Just for kicks, here are the babies (with little Ash in there, Kelsea was still in utero) at 3-4 months old, and then a few weeks ago, at three and a half years old, sans Ash cause she lives in Ohio :)
(l-r Mattie Sue, Jack, Alla, Wyatt, Ash)(l-r Kelsea, Alla, Jack, Mattie Sue, Wyatt)
10. It might be warm right now, but the cold is coming back, and we even hear talk about the s-word. Got to get this kid some cool stripey fleecey warm hats.
Happy Returns!