Thursday, November 29, 2007

California recap: mommy friends.

I swear, once I've posted all these great vacation pictures, there won't be anything exciting to post. Except we might get some snow this weekend. And it is the magical Christmas season, so maybe there's some inspiration there.

Alla joined in on Wyatt and Jack's soccer class before our visiting commenced, and let me tell you how much I loved watching her do this. Wow. She was a bit tired by the end of it, since the kid woke up so dang early everyday in California, but she had a great time kicking the ball around and off the 'volcano' and shouting 'oh yeah!' with Coach. I'm thinking soccer next summer.
Now this little cutie is Lacey's new little love, Miss Reese Victoria. A spitting image of her older brother, Jack.
All the little ones we tried to line up in a row. Why do we save this for the end of the day? They really did have fun.
And last but not least, me and Kel (thanks for this Paula!). I would leave you to guess who is more pregnant, but I can already guess who you'd pick, so I'll just tell you. In this picture I'm 22 weeks and Kel is 31 weeks. Yep she's due two months before me, to the day, but for some reason that little girl inside her is keeping Kel nice and little and whoever is inside of me (dinosaur? big foot?) is making me a giant.
Can't wait til the next time we catch up, girls...with a few more little ones under foot.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. First off, Thanksgiving re-cap. We had the honor of spending it with Susan and Eric and Evan, who shared the cooking with us! This is the absolute way to go, let me tell you.
2. For some reason we cooked a 21 pound turkey. And it was goooooooood.
3. For yet another year in a row, Alla did not like the Thanksgiving feast. Oh, except Ron's rolls, but, come on, bread? What's not to like? She even went so far as to gag on one measely little cranberry.
4. And how does any American family start off Thanksgiving morning?
5. By going out to get the HUGE Thanksgiving ad-filled paper, of course!
Ok, now back to regularly scheduled programming, namely, those California pictures that I want to share!

6. Beautiful hostess Katie told me that we were having a shower for Cathy, who is having baby no.2 in December. After all was said and done, however, I learned it was a joint shower for the two of us! And with the yummiest Chinese Chicken Salad EVER.
7. For her Baby Joey and our Baby Pondegore:) That cake was divine. Thank you, Sara.

8. Sara and Adam (one of her two lovelies) catching a breath. Having four moms and five kids over for a simple brunch playdate - not as easy as you'd think. Again, thanks girls.

9. The mommies: Sara, Katie, Cathy, me.

10. And all the kids! Alla, Jake, Adam, Johnnie, and Kelsea.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Virtual Baby Shower!

This just in!
I've won a virtual baby shower!
Get to Tangled and True to see all the lovely shower gifts!
I feel so lucky today, this is so wonderful!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Alla and I finished an entire softball-sized pomegranate for breakfast thsi morning. We are in full-fledged pomegranate season here. I do not think that anyone in the entire world is as obsessed as we are.

2. The following are ALL shots from our morning at the park (yes we're still revisiting California photographs, and will be for sometime). Let me clarify, that's Veteran's Park, and that's right by the beach. And, no, I could not choose which to post. I love them all. Without further ado...
3. I loved this one so much I ordered a giant canvas of it. I think for her side of the kids' (whoa) room that they'll share sometime next year.
4. 5. Look at her just playin' on that bridge that was waaaaay too big for her when we left.
7. Went to dinner with Heather and Kendyl. (Also went to lunch with Andrea but, hello!, didn't remember to start toting the little camera around til later that day.) I guess it's not that obvious by the picture, but she IS due before me, thankyouverymuch.
8. Half the fun of hanging out at a friend's house is sharing a bath every night.
9. A loooooong bath. With every bath toy imaginable.
10. Katie took this one of the two of us. Gotta get those beach photos where I can. Do you think Ron would mind if I used this one on our Christmas card?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

24 Weeks.

Here we are at 24 weeks. Feeling bigger than last time around and shaped a bit differently. So maybe that does mean boy? Well only 16 more weeks til we find out. In the mean time, we were lucky to have our wonderful friends The Derenzo's out this weekend and spent a lot of time just hanging, which is what we all do best. Alla and Ellery got to meet and play for the first time ever! Thanks for coming, you guys...hopefully it won't be another 18 months...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From the other camera.

Being in the wedding party means you don't get to drag your giant camera all over the place to get all the shots you want, but of course there are perks to being in the wedding party;) Luckily Ron could put his teensy camera in his tux pocket so we have some documentation of the days' events.

One of the best parts for Al was hanging out with her cousin Emily. They found rocks and showed them off.The groomsmen all in line waiting for their ride in the Hummer. One of the best parts of the wedding for me was having all of my brothers and sister there. Don't remember when we were all last in a photograph together...and I'm sure there's one out there, I just don't have it. John & Jenn getting in the limo for our ride to the reception.

Josh and Ron and I in the limo. I was the only one toasting with water. Oh the glories of pregnancy.And, last one for today, Alla watching Uncle Josh and Aunt Kyra's airplane at the San Jose airport. She couldn't wait for ours to come so she could get on it to go see Kelsea!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: We're back!

Yes, yes, we're back, and as you might have guessed I have about a gazillion photos to sort through. So, if I take them bit by bit, perhaps in the order that our trip went, you might actually get to see some!

Here are some highlights from the wedding day of my little brother, John.

There are lots more from Ron's camera being downloaded as we speak. For another day.

1. The flower girl in all her glory.
2. Dancing waaaaay to close to the cake.
3. The bride and groom making their entrance to the grand ball.
4. She and me.
5. They did an actual dance, not just turn on their song and watch them dance around like we did, but an actual dance with actual choreographed steps. Super impressive.
6. Dada and darling.
7. Close up of her.
8. Twirling with her cousin Emily. Again, waaaaay too close to the cake.
9. OK, I just cannot imagine dancing with my son at his wedding.
10. She spent a lot of time on the floor. Something about all that tulle and having to figure it all out.

Lots more to come!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Congrats, happy couple!

I just could not leave that ridiculous photo of myself up any longer, and luckily the wedding party is starting to photo-share so thanks to Kevin Brady I have this much lovelier image to share with you. Congrats, John and Jenn...we are so happy for you!

The Killins girls are just beginning the week at the beach but we'll be back in a week with lots more photos to share! Peace.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Just a little celebrating going on over here, too!

We girls are very very proud of our Elizabeth, whose Scrapbooker's Almanac is out today! I mean, can you imagine, writing your very own book? What a stud you are, Elizabeth!

And on that note, sorry to leave you with this crazy image of me, but we're out. Gone to the big wedding, and then Alla and I are taking a little trip to the ocean to feel some warmth before heading into winter.

Sixthirtyseven will be on hiatus for about two weeks. See you when we return.