Thursday, May 30, 2013

My mom turns 60.

The weekend before last was my mom's 60th birthday, which we thought out and planned for at least a year, since it involved my brother and his family traveling out here to Minnesota for a long weekend, and also since her 60th was the day after my newphew's 2nd!
So first we celebrated the two-year-old with a piƱata!
And lots of presents and cake pops (my sister in law is an expert cake pop maker!). Hard to resist a fire chief-in-training.
That evening we had a double celebration at the Twins game with a birthday suite, which was super amazing. I actually can't recommend it because there's just nothing like it, and no hundred degree game in cramped, hard seats can really compare to your own room inside and cushy seats outside from which to watch the game (even if they lose, it's still so sweet!).

It was really an enjoyable way for the kids to experience the game. My nephews are 2 and 3, and mine are 5 and 8; all of them liked being able to get up, walk around, eat lots of snacks, switch laps, etc.

The birthday girl and my stepdad enjoying the game from the suite!

The birthday girl and the birthday boy, my two year old nephew Declan! That's my beautiful sister in law back there with my brother. Her parents came out from California for the birthday weekend, too, so it was like a party with twelve of us for all these fun festivities.

The next day we had a lovely brunch together and then Bob grilled one  steaks in the pouring rain. We had a slide show for her, and gifts of course, including all of the letters all of her friends and family had sent to surprise her. I wish I could thank each and every one who took the time to send memories and pictures. She got a stack of pink envelopes with all these wonderful things inside!

There might be nothing more beautiful than a face lit up by candlelight, especially on such a special birthday surrounded by people who love you.

One last special one of my mom and my daughter. Awwww. We love you, Mom!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Just a week ago we were at 98 degrees and today we're in the 50s. My hands are freezing typing this - in the house!

2. Because of our delayed spring we have been delayed in getting our garden up and growing. We have peas and radishes in there now, but I'm afraid the crazy rain of the last week has made for pure mud out there. If we don't get some sunshine soon, I don't see how we'll be growing anything. That garden needs to dry out. We may be a completely containered garden this year.

3. All that rain has made for nearly fluorescent colors everywhere, which would be amazing, if it would ever stop raining long enough to go outside and appreciate it. Pink trees! Neon grass! Purple lilacs!

4. Fisher has 4 days of school left, and Alla has 10. Sure wish it felt like summer around here!

5. Had an amazing weekend celebrating my mom and nephew's birthdays! So much awesomeness deserves its own post, but here are the two birthday loves.

6. In case you thought maybe Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco had the highest gas prices in the nation, nope, Minnesota is #2, behind only Hawaii.

7. After checking Fisher last night for the second time at 2:15, I couldn't go back to sleep for a good two hours, so I got up, had some cheese and crackers, read a gardening book, made a list of plants to grow, and started this ToT post!

8. This was taken last week at a ceremony honoring second graders for reading lots of minutes each month. I think that might be on their medals, "You read lots of minutes! Way to go!" Anyway, she wanted a special picture with her teacher, Mrs. Carlson, who has been so wonderful to have this year.

9. So far, no robins. Boo. But I did mistake a toad for a rock yesterday and that freaked me out, because you don't expect a rock to move. The kids are looking forward to the grass drying out enough for a first mow this weekend, not only because it's like a jungle out there, but because there most certainly are more toads hiding.

10. Today over at the photography blog, I'm sharing a personal photo project that every single one of you can start today!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We are looking forward to a very fun, busy weekend celebrating my mom's 60th birthday this weekend!

2. As part of that weekend my brother and his family are coming out, and we are so excited for that, too! The cousins will get lots of quality time together.

3. The whole clan will be hitting up the Twins game on Saturday night.

4. It is going to hit 90 degrees today, people, I can feel it. The popsicles are freezing in the, well, freezer.

5. Warmer weather means Big Ginger time. Sometimes it's just too hot for a glass of wine.

6. Yesterday Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage. I am very proud to live here.

7. As soon as the weather warms a bit, I get really antsy about planting stuff. Currently we have peas in the garden, and radishes that have already sprouted. I've never done radishes before, and I don't love them but I like them. I was drawn to their 22-days-to-harvest claims.

8. Good thing we got our bike/run in this morning because the sun is out now and it's HOT!

9. I have to go dig the shorts out now, and put my wool sweaters away.

10. Does anyone think I should do the same for my husband, leaving him only 7 pairs of pants and 7 shirts in our closet so you could actually walk in there? Is that a raised hand. Me, too.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013.

What is it about Mother's Day that makes us feel more appreciated, more appreciative, more joyful, more thankful, more loving, more at peace with what it all just is?

Here's hoping this year I'll learn to bottle up all that happiness for the days that aren't so happy, so I can sprinkle just enough on the doldrums to pull us through.

So very lucky to hold my children and snuggle my mom for a few photos. It's so important.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It is spring here. It might rain tomorrow or the next and dip into the 50s (or 30s - overnight), but it is officially spring. No more snow, no more ice, no more footies, no more fires. We're onto bonfires, dining al fresco, the transition of spring boxes, the stowing of snow boots, and the craziness of the month of May. And we're welcoming it.
2. On the other hand, and there's always another hand, I'm not my best in spring, and by that I mean I'm a snotty sniffling mess. But, I'm not scratching my eyes out, as in years past, so there's that.
3. Alla got her face glitter-fied last weekend. I just love this picture of her! 

4. Biked to and from Alla's school today, needless to say there is one little boy who is wiped out and was asleep as soon as we turned the light off. Eight-plus miles of bike riding, and all of the other activities a little boy does in a day (soccer, tennis, some sort of red rover game), really does a kid in.

5. Oh, and allergies or no, we don't just sit around inside sniffling (we sniffle outside). We also drove down to the Mississippi today, which was worth it not only for the gorgeous sky and breeze, but for this: "The Mississippi IS cool, right?" Oh, yeah, buddy, it totally is.

6. What did we ever do before iPhones? However would I have gotten those two shots!

7. Started a very intriguing read, Zero Waste Home, not because I thought we'd completely eliminate our household waste, but because I am completely astounded at this woman's ability to do just that. When I told Ron that the author suggested plucking your leg hairs (each one) as a waste-free alternative to shaving, that was the last straw for him. He declared her completely loopy.

8. Any moms of Lego lovers want to weigh in on this storage bag before I purchase?

9. Our Cinco de Mayo fiesta was just about perfect, thanks to Rick Bayless' flawless margarita and guacamole recipes. Perfecto!

10. If you're local, I've got a special post just for you today over on the photography blog.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Alla is 8.

Somehow we let this little girl turn eight, but I'm drawing the line at ten.
She sure is an amazing girl, confident, outspoken, determined, spunky, and so smart. Gosh we are proud she's our daughter.

She wished and wished for a beautiful day, which she hadn't had since she was TWO. The day of her birthday the sun came out and warmed us up and we were happy. 

She really is the best girl a mama could ask for...Happy Birthday again, angel, we LOVE you!