Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some firsts at the end of December.

Yup, that's right. Her first haircut. Have to say, it wasn't all that thrilling at this 'late' age. She sat on a horsey, snip snip those baby tangles out, and voila, she really still looks the same. But mama has some hair for the baby book, and a certificate, too.

Today we stayed in, ditched the Christmas tree and other holiday paraphrenalia. So nice to have the house back to normal, clutter gone, and carpet free of those pesky green needles. And while I made the grocery list (for some other day), Alla passed the time drawing. Sorry she got such nice Christmas gifts, cause all she needed was a pen, sans cap, and a scratch piece of paper.

Another first? Chuck E. Cheese. That's right, we visited that place of childhood joy as parents this time, and after 20 years, the pizza is just as filthy but the childhood joy intact. Alla might have realized that she's too little for lots of stuff (she doesn't really know that putting a token in the toy ride makes it actually go), she sure tried almost everything, the big winner being the frog game where you try and get the balls in his mouth to win tickets. Her 22 tickets scored her a nifty little purple dress up ring.

Happy New Year, are you spending the last days of 2006?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots of little Christmas photographs.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! We sure did. Our poor miniature Frosty could have fared better, but what are you gonna do? Alla took 24 hours to really finish opening everything, and we stopped after most gifts to open the packaging so she could fully appreciate what it was. In their original boxes, the gifts were just frustrating, but once she realized she could play with them, she really got excited! Know what would really make her excited? Some of that snow you Coloradoans are getting right now.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Christmas.

All the family arrived today and there is a joyous though measley inch of snow on the ground for Alla to play with and to give the air a bit of a true holiday feel. Hoping we won't be spending this Christmas fishing wrapping paper out of her mouth!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not much going on around here.

I mean, unless you count getting ready for all the family to roll in on Friday, right when we hope we also get our first snow. Let's just stop there. Nope, that teeny bit we got before didn't count, we are still waiting on something substantial. Feet. Not inches, not flurries or "wintry mix," I want FEET at this point. Honestly, this is Minnesota, right? So while we wait for that, we are counting down the days 'til Nana comes, talking about all the things to show her, and naming all the people that will be here: Nana, Pappi, Uncle John, Aunt Jenn. She really can't wait. I know she loves me and all, but I am thinking she won't even notice I'm here she'll be so absorbed in all the new attention. Well she deserves it, cause we all know she gets absolutely no attention from me all day long.

Catie, if you're reading this, I bet you didn't know that you can wear a Hawaiian dress with a long sleeve top and tights underneath in the middle of December. Well now you do. Don't you just love that she's holding her skirt?

And seriously the best thing going on, not around here, but anywhere, is the birth of Lauren Elisabeth to my dear friend Susie, who I think now has herself a gaggle of girls. Love you, friend.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I am eagerly awaiting the birth of Miss Susie's baby, aren't you?

2. Alla has a cold.

3. The favorite song in our house at the moment is 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing,' but it has to the Charlie Brown version. You should hear Alla go, 'Hoooooooooo' like those Peanuts do. You all know how the song goes, right?

4. It rained today. Seriously. Don't we live in Minnesota? Isn't there supposed to be snow this time of year? Won't there be a white Christmas forheavensake?

5. If we don't get a bright-as-sun light hung in our living room ASAP I'm going to go mad.

6. Exactly one month from today I get to reunite with some of my mommy friends...and soak up some sun, maybe walk on the strand. Oh, I'm giddy. Need some salt in my hair.

7. Exactly one month from tomorrow I will be thirty.

8. I need a new roasting pan to make my Christmas turkey. Anyone recommend a good one?

9. Did you see this on Martha yesterday? Too cool. Must carve out some time for Al & I to take a stab at that.

10. Ron and I are obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I think we watched like 5 episodes last night. Unfortunately, we're coming to the end of the stockpile and will soon be sitting around waiting for new ones like everyone else.

How is tomorrow December 13th? What is left of your to-do list?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Little anniversary.

Today marks one year of six thirty-seven! So in honor of one year blogging, we have a new banner! Really, it takes something significant to get me to make a new banner, cause I liked the old one just fine and it's plenty of work. So get comfy with this one. I imagine you'll be seeing it for awhile.

We went to the Children's Museum this morning, and wowee, did that ever outrank even the zoo. I mean, I have never seen her just go go go nonstop for two hours here to there and everywhere in between and really she could have just stayed all day with the face paint or just the water room she was so entranced. The museum takes up two floors of kid heaven, and we spent two hours on the first, finally made it up to the second where there's a special tot area. Climbing sliding hiding around every corner. I had to feign a necessary diaper change just to give the girl a break and cram some calories down her throat so she wouldn't just melt. Hours and hours of fun. Next time we will find a restaurant with some good french fries and take a dedicated break in between floors, then come back and further explore. And we may have to become members.
This is just what she looks like after several hours at the museum, nursing in the car before heading home, munching on the core of my apple in the car on the way home, and after at least two dozen nosey wipes. Like she had fun, like she's just realizing she's hungry, like she'll have to be convinced that she absolutely needs a nap.

Here's to the next great blogging year, and fun little anniversaries, too.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It warmed up and we went out.

You would not believe how warm 40 feels after weeks of 10. Like, shed your jackets and mittens warm. Almost lay in the sun (with lots of clothes on) and soak up the vitamin D.

We headed to the zoo today to enjoy the monkeys who were snuggling, silly swimming puffins, and lazy lions. The zoo also has a conservatory which is where a kind stranger took this lovely shot of my daughter and I, and where they have a sunken garden full of poinsettias and a koi pond. Sunken meaning Alla could really have taken one step down into said koi pond and ended up one wet girl. It didn't help that the strange mother next to me was allowing her children (boys!) to get their faces within an inch of the water and practically kiss the fish. Alla was sure that the fish needed Cheerios.

It really is strange to be editing a photo of a lion.

Monday, December 04, 2006


We certainly have been waiting a long time for this teensy bit of snow. Seeing as how it's not been more than twenty degrees in a week and a half, we are very much hoping that there is more snow on the way, to sort of make up for all this frigid air.