Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Both kids had successful (if slightly chilly) days at camp last week.

2. Two weeks left of summer here, and so grateful. I know some of you have started already or will be very soon and all I can say is I'M SORRY and THAT SUCKS because August is for summer.

3. That said, Back to School events are definitely on the horizon as the kids get to meet their teachers next week.

4. Fisher's buddy just returned from a two-week vacation, and to say he was excited to see his friend is an understatement. The kid went running when their car came around the corner.

5. It's been a bit chilly here with highs only in the low 60s, but we look to be in for a beautiful stretch of 70s and 80s for the rest of August and first bit of September, which is fantastic because we are not ready for fall. Fall is lovely and there are good apples, of course, but we know it will come and summer will leave no matter what we're ready for, so our family is the type to just want to hold on to summer as long as we can.

6. We are therefore excited for one last summer hurrah, which we have kept secret from the kids. I love secrets.

7. Reading a fantastically funny book recommended by Fisher and already read by Ron: My Near-Death Adventures. I'd recommend this book to readers young and old, as there's something in it for everyone!

8. Ron and I ran a combined 19 miles this weekend, which I will break down for you: 14 him, 5 me, both numbers of which are more than either of us are used to. Go us!

9. Unbelievably, the State Fair opens this week!

10. While Alla was away at camp Ron got her sunflower garden bed together and I hauled 800 pounds of dirt to fill it up. She was very surprised and delighted when she came home Friday evening!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So it is down to this: 1 week of camps, 1 week of vacation, and 1 week to take it all in, mourn, and then it's second and fifth grades around here. I can't even say it yet, that's it's the end of one thing and the beginning of something else. Sigh.

2. Alla is on day three of camp. We miss her. It is incredibly weird and quiet with just one kid. I wonder what she is eating, if she is sleeping, who she's made friends with, what her favorite camp activity has been, what her face looks like when she gets all our letters.

3. Fisher is on day two of diabetes camp. Wow, this is the kind of thing I never thought possible for him, take him to camp, let him have all the fun, know he is safe.

4. While Alla has been away at camp, Daddy has built her a garden bed for her sunflowers. She is going to be so happy when she gets home, and that is going to be one happy garden when they are all in bloom!

5. I am nearly finished with Goodbye Stranger, but I think I am a little bit savoring it. To all the moms of pre-teens out there, this is an important book and down the road having a parent-child discussion over the themes brought up in the book will be very important.

6. Last week the kids and I finished Half Magic, a delightful read-aloud.

7. Since Alla is gone this week, we haven't started a new one, so I've been reading all of the Mercy Watsons to Fisher. My absolute favorite is when Animal Control Officer Francine Poulet shows up.

8. Today it rained all day. Cozy. Just not if you're driving 35 miles one-way, four times.

9. Kids at camp = running for me!

10. I dragged the school supplies out of the closet so I can label them because of #1. Then I'll be chucking them back in the closet as I continue in my denial.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. First Tuesday of the month, but my is this a great month, what with all thirty-one days and some camps for the kids, and a family outing to celebrate ten books read by each kid, and a family vacation and the start of the state fair. Please let August go slowly.

2. I say some camps for the kids as if they were just going to the local park program, when in fact Alla will be going to SLEEPAWAY camp and Fisher will be going to diabetes camp (just for the days in a week, thank goodness), so these are in fact really big deals.

3. Alla is in a day camp this week at Ron's work, an engineering camp from which she has brought home a light up hat and a contest-winning rocket, both of which she made. She is taking copious notes, love her, and this is making my engineer husband so very happy. She still wants to be a country vet with her own farm and animal menagerie, Babe. We have a long way to go.

4. This leaves Fisher and I with some days to fill. So far we've done bowling, a big hit, and Minnehaha Falls. I know this kid would love to do mini golf, so I'm looking for a good (shady) spot for that.

5. This is also Alla's final week of summer orchestra, and I am greatly looking forward to hearing her violin at tomorrow evening's concert, as she has really put in the time to practice this summer, what without the hours of math homework and all.

6. Fisher just today finished Harry Potter #3! I think he's hooked.

7. I am currently enjoying The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate.

8. One of my greatest responsibilities as keeper of the home is to supply my family with homemade granola, to be absolutely sure that we never ever run out.

9. Ron and I celebrated wedding anniversary Lucky Thirteen yesterday! Add to that the five years we dated before getting married, and that puts us at 18 together. Love that guy.

10. In cased you missed it, I was featured over on the Snap Maven blog, which I recommend you check out just for nostalgia's sake. Gosh I loved going through my files for favorite images!