Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: Revisiting California.

I'm the absolute worst at editing my own photos in a quick-like manner and then posting or getting them printed. So, more than two weeks later, here are the highlights from the last 3 days in California, or "Ca-fornia' as Alla calls it.

OK I guess the rest of the ten or whatever number I end up with will have to be in the next post. Stupid blogger.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Girl and Her Cat.

Really this says it all, how much she loves him. Doesn't matter that he's only friendly when he's half-asleep. Maybe it's the thrill of the chase. All I know is she's devoted.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Flashback Friday: Last Friday.

Does last Friday count as a true flashback? Hmmm. Not sure, but it's as good an excuse as any to get some photos of our awesome trip up on the ol' blog.

What better way to start the day than by having a bath with a friend? (After we got that scary frog out of there, that is.)

Then we were off to Mommy Party, where Alla got to catch up with all of her old pals. Oh, yes, and so did I, which was wonderful. Thanks, girls. Now before you say, well why did you post the photo where Wyatt is crying? Well that's because that's all I got.
As you can see, things haven't changed too much. (Can you tell who's who?) Susie, we missed you.
Alla and Mattie Sue had an impromptu tea party that lasted all of like 30 seconds. But they were into it for a bit there.
The day ended with a birthday dinner for me at Buca's, and this was one of those times where you feel so full of friendship and love and it just kind of all wells up in you. So much happiness. Unfortunately I don't have great pictures from there, such a dark place, but I know others were taking some, so Cathy, Megan...please send me some. I do have this great one of Mazie and Alla, though, Mazie making Alla giggle out of her seat practically with those crazy silly faces.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not the same as sand.

But I love this shot of our piggies together right in front of a window full of snow.
Honestly Alla's socks are normally off, she must think we live in the tropics or something, but I've been dying to get mine out cause they look so darn pretty courtesy of Katie:)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We're back.

Could not have had a better time. Felt like we never left, like a space remains for us, and that is oh so nice to know. The number of photos taken is astronomical, so slowly and surely I will weed through and share. For now, just these two Ron took of his girls, at the ocean, Alla saying, "This way remember" while she steered me all over that walk. Surely she must remember. After so much time, so many walks, so much ocean air breathed in. Surely she remembers.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Feel of Morning.

I spend a lot of time lamenting the lack of light here, and here in the house. That we don't have wall to wall glass and sunshine. But lately, inspired by 3191, I've been embracing the light here. Because it's very moody, and that's a nice thing to see in your shots. To know, that one was taken in morning light. So here are a few happy morning shots, and with that, I'm out. Two days til I'm thirty, and only a few hours til the plane takes us away to Redondo and friends and family and big kisses.

That's one happy whistlin' RED teapot I got there, thanks to Ronald:)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: The Going Back to Cali Edition.

Otherwise known as things I'm super excited for.

1. Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Latte (and I hear it's supposed to be cool enough for a hot one).

2. The King Harbor sign. The things you Redondoans take for granted.

3. Strand walks.

4. Veteran's Park.

5. A manicure and pedicure (yeah KT!)

6. My thirtieth.

7. Alla's face when she sees her friends and family.

8. My face when I see my friends and family!

9. Rubbing some pregnant bellies.

10. Feeling very full of all of you very-missed-ones.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

One more week.

Of 29. Then it's all thirty. Really, I'm aware that nothing exactly changes. Maybe a slight shift. Maybe just an awareness. Maybe nothing. Either way, next Saturday at precisely this time, I predict we'll still be at The Stahr's, celebrating Miss Mazie's fifth. Goodness, I remember holding that babe, one day old. How have we all aged five years?

And either way, next Saturday I'm thirty, we're in California, surrounded by friends, rain or shine, it will be warmer than it is here (not that it's been very cold here), and all of that makes me very happy today. Lots to look forward to. I love that Alla has no idea. But I do. I know just how much of a good time that one will have. Marvelous.

So what have we been doing lately?

Having breakfast with Leigha and her mommy, Michelle. Alla adores Leigha. Squeals with delight on Fridays when we see her for music class, and every other time we meet up with them. So thankful to have them in our lives.

It's January the 6th and I have finished, yes finished, an album. My second annual Christmas card album, where I take all the lovely photos you people have sent in your scrumptious holiday cards, and put them all in a fun little album so I can look back at them all year long, and especially next year, when the next batch starts rolling in, and I see how all the little ones have grown. Here are some images of it:

And lastly, today is January the 6th, and that means Ashby's birthday. We had a little photo shoot to celebrate this week. Happy ONE, little girl! We love you! (And if blogger stops giving me trouble, I will post it. Argh.)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I can't remember a better New Year's Day. Lazy, silly, bright, fun, low-key, and plenty of snow! That blanket of white is like a giant reflector out there just waiting for the sun to come out and light up our faces. Oh, yeah, and Alla likes to play in it, too. Or just eat it. Yeah, I think just eating it is her favorite.

Happy Birthday, Dad!