Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Whew! Swimming is OVER, and we're enjoying a relaxing week, which means the kids sleep past 8, Fisher usually past 9. Both kids passed their levels. Alla's front crawl is something to be seen.

2. I love my kiddos home all day around me in the summer.

3. Maybe now we can make some progress on our summer list, like strawberry picking and Tamarack and Minnehaha Falls.

4. The rains of last weekend have left our garden utterly swamp-like, and my tomato plant is looking peckish - just hanging there looking parched, which is exactly the opposite of the truth - that the poor thing is sitting in mud and can't seem to dry out.

5. That said, the tomato plant on the deck is doing splendid. So, I'm thinking I'll either have to find another location for a garden, or just go with deck pots. Our backyard gets terrific sunlight but just doesn't drain well.

6. I finished Anne and have moved onto Ivan. Not sure what's next!

7. I've got some peaches ripening on my counter in the hopes of making some cobbler tomorrow. I learned within a few years of living here that peaches don't travel well, and don't ripen well enough for eating here in the North, so if you've got a hankering it's either frozen or you bake 'em.

8. I am SUPER excited for the Phone Photography Project coming up next week! What perfect timing. We're settled into summer and I could use a creativity push.

9. Has anyone figured out summer dinners yet? I mean, getting it ready and getting everyone fed before you head out to evening sports? The best I have come up with is a big pot of beans on Monday that we can eat in a few different ways throughout the week.

10. Best news ever - next week I get to see CATIE!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So far, on this, the second day of the first full week of summer, I have to say I'm exhausted! I signed the kids up for a two-week swim class that starts at 9am, which is an earlier start than our school year. Each morning when we've gotten out the door and we're on our way, I count down the number of days left of this.

2. On the positive side, Fisher loves his class and Alla somehow lucked out with a private lesson, which is resulting in moving her through the level and onto the next because of all the one on one attention!

3. I've been catching up on Grey's Anatomy and saw on old friend on an episode last from February. Danielle and I graduated from Cal State Fullerton together - she a Musical Theatre major and me, Dance. What a fun discovery! And, sadly, I had seen her on two shows that I watch, 90210 and Private Practice, and not known it was her!

4. Fisher filled my bucket this evening with this: "You do a nice job on carrot-shucking and you do a well job on making dinner, Mommy." Wow, thanks, buddy.

5. For the record, both carrots and corn get shucked in this house.

6. We hit up the first day of the Farmer's Market today, and were pleasantly surprised to see lots of new vendors, including gluten-free bread (though maybe not diabetic-friendly, as there was no carb count), an ice cream truck and a food truck! The produce will follow; it's early here in Minnesota and so far there's only rhubarb, green onions, lettuce, and radishes.

7. I ran into a friend there who told me all about using rhubarb for crisp. I'm all about crisp.

8. Another new vendor was selling plants of all sorts, including raspberry bushes! I have since been dreaming about finding a sunny spot in the yard for it. Think I can clear out a patch of grass before next Tuesday so I can bring home one of my very own?

9. My lovely daughter and I finished planting our garden today! Now or never, I guess. Fingers crossed: marigolds, rudbeckia, cucumber, tomatoes, cosmos, peas, green beans, and some wildflowers! Hopeful might be an understatement.

10. While out there planting, we got probably 20 mosquito bites between us. Holy cow are they hungry. Going to be a great year for 'em.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


1. We're in the home stretch here, with Fisher having finished preschool last Thursday and Alla's last day of second grade tomorrow. I am kind of giddy at the realization that we have no place to go on Friday.

2. One of the many year-end activities this week was a 1-mile Fun Run at Alla's school. I was immensely proud of her for running that, without stopping.

3. Yesterday was another year-end activity - the 2nd grade zoo field trip. Along with every other grade from every other school in the state, it seemed. Miracle of miracles, though, I did not lose a single child.

4. The soccer season has begun as well, with Fisher and Alla each having had one practice. Alla should have had two, but we're apparently now living in the rainforest where it never stops raining, so one of hers got cancelled.

5. Fisher is so obsessed with Legos (have I said this before?) that he just goes right to them when we walk in the house, when he has a free minute, he is always on the floor with his bag of Legos building, telling stories, I love it!

6. I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables, which I sadly never read as a child. I have almost given up on borrowing library books, as it seems I am in a phase of life where I cannot get through a book in three weeks.

7. For all of you Okee Dokee fans, I have to recommend their buddy, Paul Spring, who is on repeat in our car. Fun!

8. Since summer is so rapidly approaching, I think that means it's time to make a summer schedule. I know, that sounds so, well, anti-summer, but I've found that we actually end up doing all the fun stuff (and less fun stuff) we want to do if we actually plan for it. Actually.

9. Brrr. Mid-50s isn't warm.

10. I got nothing for dinner. Eggs? What do you eat for dinner in the summer, like every single day?