Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Funny how it's only the third full week of summer, meaning that Alla hasn't even been out of school a full three weeks, and yet it seems that school thing is but a memory.

2. So I think we must be living right.

3. I am not a fan of the pins I see on Pinterest which list "14 ways to boost your child's reading!" or "150 ways to enjoy the summer!" or "35 summer recipes" because, let's face it, I only need one good idea from each of those subject. So I just don't click on those.

4. The Olympics fun has started - swimming trials this week!

5. We hit up the library today and Alla read everything in the library bag at quiet time. Just goes to remind me that we are not done with picture books yet at her age, there are many more great ones to read before she decides she's too old, only now she reads most of them herself. Two great ones from today: Kate DiCamillo's Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken and House Held Up By Trees.

6. Those kids were wiped out after soccer tonight. Asleep in minutes.

7. I am completely hooked on root veggie chips, and when Costco has them it is heaven for me!

8. Fisher is hooked on the Magic Tree House books. We are up to number 8.

9. Super excited about taking the kids to Duluth next week.

10. This weekend...The BLOCK Party!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Where is the summer going? It's the third week of June!

2. Today we spent quiet time at the beach. BIG mistake. My kids will never again miss quiet time.

3. BUT. The beach was so so lovely, and the time spent there was just splendid - breezy, hot, cool water, and Fisher said, "That was fun!" so matter-of-factly on the way back to our blanket that it was worth it. Until we got to just before dinner time and kid number one just started the descent.

4. We are on the last episode of Breaking Bad, Season Three.

5. I am immensely enjoying By the Iowa Sea, in the same manner that I enjoy Gary D. Schmidt's books.

6. I'm pretty sure that Ron had a nice Father's Day. I'm definitely sure that Alla had a nice Father's Day.

 7. And Fisher, too.
8. Does anyone else need about two more hours in the day?

9. Thank you, Pinterest, for the crockpot rotisserie chicken recipe. Gobble, gobble.

10. My lovely neighbor friend went to the farmer's market this evening and won a whole basket of goodness, after, of course, they had already bought bags and bags of produce! Since she is so kind and generous, she brought over tons of stuff for me to choose from. I had to restrain myself, I didn't want it to go bad! I felt very blessed, since it was way too hot for me to drag the kids through the farmer's market myself this afternoon. Thank you, Kerry!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First/Last Day: Alla.

Alla's turn. Thankfully, I don't see too much difference between September and June. Three more teeth lost. A very determined effort to grow out her short haircut from last summer.
That girl is a reader. She would stay up for hours each night with her nose in a book if we let her. And she doesn't get tired! She doesn't wake up hours later with the book on her face, like her mama.

Hard to believe in three short months she'll be a second grader.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. First full week of summer!

2. First trip to the library for the summer, and the shelves are nearly bare. Looks like I'll be requesting.

3. The last four books I read were memoirs, and I've just started another one. Today at the library, despite the slim pickings, there sat a book I'd had on my to-read list for awhile, and I realized how much I've missed juvenile fiction. Summer is the perfect time for lots of it.

4. Alla recently read a fairy book about a girl names Phoebe, which she insists is pronounced "foh-bee."

5. Last week we had our first cherries of the summer. Since they are on sale for $2.49 a pound this week, I'm longing for more.

6. This week one of my favorite flowers around the neighborhood, the peony, is almost done. Too bad. I will miss Fisher calling them the "punies."

7. Summer seems to come at the perfect time. I was very ready to have Alla home everyday. Summer is sweet.

8. In a few weeks we are taking the kids overnight to Duluth, and I am just giddy thinking about how Fisher will just love to watch the boats and the bridge and Alla will weigh our car down with as many smooth rocks as she can carry. Four and seven are fun.

9. Fisher is so excited to show his big sister to all of his preschool friends at the park tomorrow morning. The cutest thing around might be hearing a four-year-old make formal introductions.

10. That little boy amused the heck out of his family last night, watching him play soccer. First official game is next Monday. I simply cannot wait!

Friday, June 01, 2012

First/Last Day: Fisher.

First Day of the first year of preschool, age three and almost a half.
Last day of the first year of preschool, age four and a few months.
Alright, I've been waiting all day for this, so you don't have to say it: picture one, Baby. Picture two, Big Boy. Bummer.

He was not altogether happy about the last day, said he was so sad. I have a feeling the summer joys will soon take away the blues. And besides, we'll be meeting all of his classmates on Wednesdays, so that should help, too.

I told Alla I was going to do this, post the two pictures together, and she seemed skeptical about seeing any changes. But she will be home from school soon, and I'll be sure to show her. How can one little boy change so much in nine months?