Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well, It's Wednesday.

But we'll still go ahead with our ten. That's just how some weeks go.

1. Been thinking we should start Maple Mondays here soon, except that I remembered ours is one of the last trees to turn. So the entire state is all ablaze with yellows and oranges and reds and we're still green. Completely.

2. Yesterday at lunch, Alla says, completely utterly out of the blue, I'm not saying any bad word. I'm not saying 'shit.' Alla! You can't say that word. That's a grown-up word! But I'm not saying 'shit.' Alla! You can't say that word. That's a grown-up word! Please don't say that again. And then: immediate sobs. And choking on her half-chewed carrot. Seriously.

3. At the moment we're sitting here watching WordWorld. Have you seen it? She's in L-O-V-E. And I think it's adorable the first two times I see an episode but after that I pretty much wish I knew how to knit or some other couch-potato hobby, hence the blogging now. It's the one about there being an ant in every g-i-a-n-t again.

4. She also told me yesterday, Mama you have to hug me cause I got a 'brrr.' After she had a chill.

5. Speaking of chills, it didn't even get to 60 yesterday.

6. But Sunday and Monday we were so hot we had to turn on the a/c.

7. I reluctantly finished Waiting for Birdy. I say reluctantly because I was enjoying it greatly and it was so like what I feel pregnant for the second time, and her Ben was sounding so similar to my Alla, that I would find myself just cracking up in bed and trying to explain it to Ron. And, no, he wouldn't quite get it.

8. So in its place I started The Good Good Pig, which sounds very charming.

9. I also have A Prayer for Owen Meany on my shelf. Any thoughts on that one?

10. Can't believe it. TOMORROW The Laughrey's come to visit!!

And a bonus because I'm a day late: Today Alla is 2 years and 5 months. Next month I officially get to say two and a half. Whoa.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Roast Beef.

We're trying to put on her Dora sandals this morning, and she says to me, Mama, my roast beef doesn't fit! No, no, it's my none! My none doesn't fit!

Oh my goodness where does she come up with these things! Yep we'd been doing "This Little Piggy" in bed this morning, but isn't it refreshing that 'roast beef' came to mind before, say, 'toe?'
In other news, the sixteen-week mark happened yesterday, and since we had 85-degree weather, we headed outside to document the occasion. Will be interesting to see if the 20 week photo involves sweaters and hats!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Day of Summer.

We had lovely lovely weather. And our first day of fall should be even lovelier.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I spy with my little eye: two turkeys on our next-door neighbor's roof.2. Now isn't this the happiest picture you've seen all day? 3. I am in love with the current issue of Wondertime. If you don't have it, run out and get it tomorrow. It's just so good.

4. Why is it September and I'm just finishing up the production part of my January photo-of-the-day album? I'll get it all assembled in time to start over this January.

5. We were lucky to share brunch here on Sunday with the Zitz', and Alla is just head over heels in love with Baby Dane. (Happy Six Months, Little One!) 6. Today was the first day of school! Alla is the youngest and only one of two girls! 7. Our after-nap ritual has become, wake her up and then go make moo-moos. She likes 'em really 'fick.' 8. I spy with my little eye: a bald eagle just chillin' in a tree.

9. I have the best husband. He laughs and plays with Alla at six o'clock like he hasn't just worked his butt off all day. I love that.

10. On Saturday morning we participated in a walk to benefit Camp Odayin. When we woke up it was a balmy 35 degrees, hence the hats, fleece, and gloves. Alla was all smiles that morning, since Ron was home from Puerto Rico and we were setting out on a family walk. She got a heart balloon, a tattoo, her face painted, and did all the aerobic warming up that a two year old could do. Which meant she was pretty pooped for the actual walk part. Which meant we (Ron) pretty much carried her on our one lap around the lake. Ah well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: Revisiting the State Fair.

Today is a great day to revisit our day at the fair, just a week ago yesterday, because the difference in our weather in just a week is shocking. When we walked out of the fair it was a sweltering 87 degrees. Today we are down THIRTY degrees to barely 57! I mean, I'm in a t-shirt (that I'm pulling down all day, hello, can we say, maternity shopping?), a sweatshirt, and a jacket, and I'm still standing in the sun and feeling the cold wind is truly stealing all the warmth of the sun.

But onto the fair!

1. First of all, Ron dressed her. I mean, I put out her clothes, but I can't help it if he thinks it best if her socks are pulled up to her knees and she thinks this is fancy, too.2. We went with our wonderful friends and neighbors who have these two boys that Alla is in love with. The grown-ups stopped for coffee and mini-donuts while the kiddos ran around. We got there at 8:30 am...
3. A huge hit was the giant slide. She went twice.
4. Just a little of the carrying by mama.

5. A local band was singing Johnny Cash songs, so Alla was in heaven. Check out the moves of Alla and Canton!

6. The food is what you go for, really, so here's what we ate: besides the mini-donuts and coffee (of which I was able to have a few measley sips), we had amongst us a hot dog (Alla!), deep fried smelt (basically walleye sticks with tartar sauce), gyros, ice cream, a bucket of cookies, deep fried Spam balls, and a great glass of fresh squeezed lemonade on the way out.7. The pregnant mama was not allowed on the skyride, but Ron had fun holding onto Alla for dear life.8. We headed over to the kiddie midway after that because they were melting and we thought we should end on a high note. They got to pick three rides. The bumper boats: big hit.9. The motorcycle, not so much.
10. So we walked her on over to the merry-go-round cause that's a foolproof way to put a smile on her face.Bonus: What we didn't know then was that the biggest smile of the day would come after that, when we were on our way out and an older couple came up to us and said they had a present for our daughter. They had evidently gotten a grab bag of some sort and the stuffed dog in it really wasn't something they were going to use. Oh. My. Goodness. You'd have thought Elmo had just moved in with her or something. She said thank you and then she talked to that dog all the way to the car, and then all the way home. I suggested that she give that doggie a good name, and she almost immediately said "Maurice," and we later figured out that she'd named her doggie after the author Maurice Sendak. The best part for me was when she said on the way home, "That was nice of that person to give me my doggie." Melting my heart.

'Til next year! When we'll brave it with two!

Monday, September 10, 2007

More Clues.

OB appointment today.
Pondegore is well in there.
Alla held my hand while I had my blood pressure taken, and again when we listened for the baby's heartbeat.
155, folks.
Place your bets.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Faves From Nana's.

1. We'd walk every night after dinner. This would completely wear Alla out. But of course halfway through that meant she'd have to be carried or on someone's shoulders. Thank God for Nana!
2. I cannot tell you how happy a merry-go-round makes her.
3. Big sister shirt from Nana & Pappi.
4. Checking out the penguins (her favorite) at the Mystic Aquarium with Pappi.
5. Walking downtown Mystic with Daddy. She truly missed him after a week away.
6. Nothing like Nana's box of dress-up stuff, right?7. Ready to jump in the pool!
8. Her octagon. That's what she called it. Especially when she hugged it.9. Giraffes are my favorite, especially baby giraffes!10. Her very own little motorcycle raft for the pool:)11. BONUS! Also nothing better than licking the batter after making brownies with Nana. I want to make with you, Nana! I wish I could remember what she called the spatula.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

8 Things.

What are you doing this holiday weekend? We are b-u-s-y. Ron is painting our bedroom, and I am desperately trying to keep up with Alla, who is the social butterfly of the neighborhood. The four-year-old down the street comes over and knocks on the door to see what we're up to, if Alla's coming outside. Sheesh. Thought we had a few years before "Can Alla come out and play?"

In between racing after her and napping myself, I've finally thought of my eight, since Stace tagged me. So here goes:

1. My first car was a 1989 Ford Thunderbird that was a hand-me-down from my mom that I loved. Remember all the trips to P.C., Dre?

2. I eat an obscene amount of butter if there is bread around. Please do not refer me to this statement if in six months I'm complaining of having gained 50 pounds. Already.

3. I also eat an obscene amount of cheese on a regular basis. Again, no need to refer back.

4. For a few years in college/grad school, I was a platinum blonde.

5. I have been to 4 Beach Boys concerts. I love The Beach Boys.

6. I've also seen America in concert. Love America, thanks to my dad.

7. I like my fruit sliced. That means bananas, strawberries, nectarines, watermelon, mango, and probably more. I think the clean edge makes it taste crisper.

8. I don't remember the first trimester being a time of uncomfortable sleep. About the only position that's comfy is on my back, and we all know those days are numbered. We're back to the part where if you lay on your side the top leg falls asleep. Ugh. Guess we better get the Snoogle out soon.

That said, today marks the beginning of the second trimester! I just KNOW happy days are right around the corner. Or at leat I'm hoping.

Happy Labor Day to all of you! We're heading to the fair tomorrow, in a much needed break for Ron from all the Labor Day weekend labor he's been doing. Deep fried candy bar, here he comes!

And, if you're interested in the results of the illustration I posted about, MAMA KEL found me through friends of friends and knew the book!! You can find it here. Thanks, new friend!