Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. OK, we're the next couple to get sucked into Homeland.

2. Hearing Fisher pray for "the children" at bedtime stirs my heart.

3. Seeing the flag at half-mast when I pull up to Alla's school makes me want to keep driving.

4. Three more days of school for her and then a much needed holiday break.

5. Christmas is a week from today. Wow. It's there, on the horizon, and then it's running full speed at you.

6. Getting run days in with cold weather, darkness, and few mornings on my own has meant, well, not much running. Unfortunately, the weatherman predicts a cold next few weeks.

7. Made Deb Perelman's Black Bean Ragout for dinner - Smitten Kitchen was a winner all around.

8. Paul McCartney might want to hear Fisher's version of his "Simply having a wonderful Christmas time" jingle, which goes something like this: "Saving, adding, welcome Christmas time!"

9. Tomorrow I get to join Fisher for part of the morning at school to make a gingerbread house - he has no idea what this means but is very excited.

10. Nothing matches his excitement, however, about the C-130. I can't explain it, he's just obsessed with this plane and doesn't really understand why most people don't know as much as he does about it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Hello, December. I can't believe you're one-third through.

2. What we're looking forward to this weekend are the ice rinks opening. We saw the water truck ("Gusher," as Fisher fondly calls him) flooding at the park this morning and you'd have thought we were watching Mickey Mouse or something.

3. You'd have also thought that my son actually knows how to skate. He's got his skates and he's ready, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he'll just take off. Let's hope the reality is pretty close to that.

4. At my dental visit today I was placed in the cavity-free club - yay for me!

5. Did you hear we got over a foot of snow on Sunday? Some reports say 11 inches, some up to 16. Our deck measured, very officially of course, fifteen. That is a LOT of snow, even by Minnesota standards.

6. The kids cannot get enough of it. Snow is great - I mean if it's going to be cold, you might as well have something to do while you're outside in it. Who wants to stand around in the frozen brown tundra? I'd much rather roll around in powdery white snow, dig forts, throw snowballs, and otherwise enjoy the white that is everywhere.

7. We finished watching the last season of Dexter that is on Netflix, and oh happy day, are finally getting disk one  of Homeland. I hope it lives up to all the hype, as my husband has been waiting since the Emmys for this!

8. I love Christmas music, and it is pretty much our December playlist around here, but I don't tend to add to it, meaning I don't need Barry Manilow's latest Christmas tunes. There are few artists who can do justice to the classics, and I certainly don't need any new Christmas songs. Last year, however, I picked up the Indigo Girls Christmas CD and it has been in regular rotation. It is wonderful and refreshing, and does contain quite a few "new" songs!

9. I am still going to say that I'm "loosely" re-reading The Passage, as I'm still only about 130 pages in.

10. I am in that part of the holiday season where the shopping is done, the cards are nearly on their way, and all that's left to do is a ton of wrapping, so now it seems the wait for Christmas morning is almost as hard for me as it is for the kids! Two weeks!