Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy TWO, Jamie Bo.

What a super two year old. Jamie Bo got such a cool party with her very own BOUNCER for the adults, er, I mean, kids, to play in.

Thankfully Alla was back to being HER today, happy and giggly and smiley and cheerful, just so full of spunk. And have you ever seen a cuter, more birthday-party-perfect dress??? Thanks, Catie and Randy!

Here's our favorite one-year-old.

See? I said it. I'm very well-adjusted.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

All Said and Done.

Well, it's done. She's One. She's had her birthday, she's had her party, and that's it. Now she's just one, for a whole year thank goodness.

She's been a real trooper, battling a tummy bug, but still managed to enjoy her party, particularly the birthday song where everyone clapped, and then the presents, of course.

We love you, little girl. Cheers to another wonderful year ahead!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Return of Julius.

Can you believe it? He's back. He's been back for a little over a week now. Just went down to the garage last Tuesday to take Al for a jog, and there he was, all locked up in our garage like he'd never even been stolen.

Of course my doting husband had replaced him and secretly left him in the garage for me to delightfully discover. Isn't he amazing?

So here is my [new] Julius, pajamas and all.

And the [main] reason behind the replacement of Julius (besides my husband's wanting to see the smile that only Julius brings, of course)...

Al's birthday gift from us.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Six thirty-seven.

Our little Birthday Girl.

Somehow she's One now. One. I can't believe it. I can't believe it's been one full year that she's graced our lives.

She had a lovely first part of the day but really not so much the last half. She can't keep anything down, her nose is running out of control, she's got a top tooth coming in. Poor girl is actually somewhat of a mess.

At 6:37pm she was born, one year ago today.

This is our daughter at 6:37 pm tonight. On her first birthday. She could barely keep her eyes open that late.

I've been her mama for one year. That is pretty wonderful.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This time last year.

I was in labor. Not active labor. No regular surges or anything. I think at this exact moment I was probably taking a nap. My water broke at 6am and I had surges on and off during the day. It got intense around 10pm that night, and we labored all night at home with Aubrey, our amazing doula. We headed to the hospital at 5:30 the next morning. For another long day. Yes, for those of you mathematicians out there, my water broke at 6am on the 25th, and I actually had Alla the following evening. Two days. All well worth the wait, the hurt, the not knowing, the tears, the dying-to-hold-you-in-my-arms feelings.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Carousels and choo-choos at the Mall.

Yes, we found the carousel. Well, how could you not. There's an entire amusement park inside the Mall of America. We took her on the carousel. She sat on an ostrich. Then we went on a choo-choo. Then we proceeded to walk around the mall for four hours. We stopped for lunch but that was all, and I really don't think we went in more than 20 stores! Sheesh, it's a big place.

Reasons I'm excited to be near it:

1. H&M
2. Return trips to the carousel.
3. Build-a-bear, when Alla gets older and gets excited about making her own.
4. Archiver's in the mall.

Really, it's a great place. It's an amusement park for the kids and shopping for the adults. What more could you want?

We topped off a great day with margaritas and dinner at Don Pablo's, a place we used to go to in Dayton. And then bath.

Tomorrow is the home inspection, and then we hop on a plane for home.

Tuesday is madness, birthday preparations, house preparations, groceries to procure. It's hard to be gone all week. Why doesn't the house take care of itself while we're away?

Tuesday is also Alla's 365th day. Last day as eleven months. I think I'm finally coming to terms.

She got a new tooth today. 4th one on the bottom. I love you, little girl.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Zoo Day.

Since we did not have to spend the day house-hunting, lucky us, we took Al to the Minnesota Zoo in the hopes of finding some lovely birds for her to gaze upon. I think she dreams of birds because often times the first thing she does in the morning is sign "bird," but then maybe she's just really in tune to their morning choir. Here she is, so overjoyed with the exotic varieties that she is signing "bird" with both hands.And what zoo experience is complete without the petting zoo. Seriously, the baby goats were a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Just her size. There were teenier ones, like the size of kittens, in the barn, and also baby piggies. Thankfully for parents, the big giant fat yucky pigs were lying nearby, lest the little kiddies think that a pig would make a great pet.
Tomorrow we have another free day before our home inspection on Monday, so we'll be heading to the Mall of America to see the wonder that is this giant mall. We're hoping there's a carousel for Al, and a 3-ring album at Archiver's for me. Ron says he wants to Build-a-bear.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I think we're homeowners.

Well the keys are not in hand til June, but our offer has been accepted, so I *think* that means we're on our way to owning this lovely home in Shoreview, MN. Check out the kitchen! (My favorite part.) We'll have a guest room, too, so you may now start making your reservations at Hotel Killins. We'll provide a steep discount for stays between the months of November and March.

And the hotel has a pool! Alla and I had a swell time splashing around. Tomorrow, perhaps the zoo.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter events.

Firstly, Happy Easter to all! We had a lovely one, starting out with Al's first egg hunt, which brought her immense joy. She wasn't sure she wanted to give up the plastic colorful eggs, though, to her dad, who was just collecting them in her basket for her. Not like he was going to steal them or anything. They were filled with Cheerios for pete's sake.
Ron and Al trying to keep warm in the mountain air. We spent the day with my family in Wrightwood. Me and my girl.
This is my family. Well, part of it. It's my Dad and Terry, and Jenn and Dan, and there's Emily and Alla in the wagon, pulled by Ron. What a happy picture. What a lovely walk in the mountains on Easter Sunday! We tried to walk off our dinner. Dan, I still smell like BBQ!
Pulling that wagon uphill is a bit of work.

Alla thought this wagon business was loads of fun. I see a wagon in her future.
Gramma's girls! Emily likes to hug veeeeeery tight.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, too!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Meeting Amanda and Grace.

I have been very fortunate to have a group of online friends since we all got pregnant within a month of each other. So we've gone through the ups and downs of pregnancy and the twists and turns of new mommyhood together. I am so grateful to have this sounding board!

Lucky me, I got to meet one of them yesterday, and her gorgeous daughter Grace! Grace and Alla are the only girls of the group, are both HUGE, and both have tons of hair! Swear they aren't even one yet. Grace is younger than Al by 5 days.

So here we are at Panera yesterday, the four of us! Thanks for coming down, Amanda, it was so lovely to finally meet you and Gorgeous Grace!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Her walker.

She is everywhere with this thing. (Thank you Sara and whoever handed it down first to you!) I mean she's so serious about it that the toys haven't even been out of the box today. And she knows how to work it. She can reverse, turn, even get over the little tiny step up out of the kitchen. She's remarkable. And probably going to walk on her own sooner than I think. Or am ready for.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Because I Haven't Posted These: 11 months.

Yup. I know we're getting close to 12 months. 15 days to be exact. 2 weeks from tomorrow. Not that I'm counting. I don't want to count. Truly. It just kind of happens in my mind and I first find some comfort that I still have all those 15 days, and then I freak. I only have those 15 days. Then she's one.

So here are my favorite 11 month shots to remind me that she's still just 11 months.

Reason why this is one of my favorites: She's signing "bird." She loves birds. Looooves them.

Thank you Catie for the dress and Katie (Kelsea) for the flower clip!

Baby bath, baby-in-a-box, and some news.

Alla helping Daddy get her bath ready last night. Look at that chub-a-chub!!

And she got in this box all on her own and figured out how to work it.
Good skill to learn since we're going to be up to our eyeballs in boxes in a few months. So, just in case she gets herself into one of them, she won't be lost forever.

And on that note, we are moving our California-loving selves to Minnesota. Yikes! Wish us luck.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Diaper and spaghetti.

How cute is she, resting there watching Signing Time?
And then, tell me if you still think she's cute, full of spaghetti all over her face! Not sure if she ever gets to eat spaghetti again! So messy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


<---------------New video! My little smartie watching Signing Time. They finally showed a basics episode with all of the signs we're teaching her. Lo and behold, they showed her favorite one, bird. So her first word is either going to be "hi" or "birdie." I swear we've heard both.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Honoring my daughter for the whole month of April.

And if you turn on a little sappy music in the background (Jack Johnson would be perfect), then you will get as misty-eyed as me.