Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's May, so that means every household with school-age children across America is crazed. It is truly difficult to remember that just a few weeks ago we had literally no activities on the calendar, and now we are celebrating when we get one free night to eat dinner before nine. But these are not complaints. May is busy but perhaps the best month of the school year. Best weather, field trips, the end of testing, baseball, track, orchestra concert, birthdays, and a four day weekend.

2. It's May, so I've ordered summer math books for the kiddos. This is maybe the fifth summer we'll be using these, and I swear by them. They cover all the things they learned during the year in no more than 12-13 problems, ten minutes tops a few times a week and they are done. The books are called Summer Math Skills Sharpeners and that is exactly what they do. Highly recommend.

3. Speaking of summer, pretty soon I'm going to have to sit down and make summer reading lists for the kids! One of my favorite activities, and the kids look forward to receiving their lists. They are perfectly capable of choosing their own reading, of course, but summer is a great time to challenge and introduce them to books outside of their comfort zones and favorite genres.
4. Since summer is so very close, my days alone shall soon go on hiatus. Now I start thinking, what else do I  really want to do before summer starts? Shops I want to visit, paths I want to run on, hours I want to spend editing. Seems that before the Summer List is made, I should quickly make a Spring List, just for me, and start checking things off.

5. Track season is here, and baseball season is here. Often times I am picking up the track girl with the baseball boy already in uniform and heading straight to the field. Tonight, though, just track, so we let the kids play outside so much longer than normal dinner time. It was just so lovely, and they had all the little(r) kids in tow, all playing tag and laughing and I could see summer, how it will be here soon and they will all wake up [and do math and chores] and rush out there to greet the day and each other, and no matter the "things" we do to fill our days, they will probably remember the running around so much more.

6. Except. They cannot stop talking about going back to Fawn-doe-Rosa, a summer favorite, and earlier this year since we changed when we normally do swim lessons to coincide with orchestra lessons. Anyway. A friend reported seeing baby goats and a baby hedgehog, and that was it for them. They can't wait.

7. I am in the midst of Catherine Newman's lovely book, which is just so true and dear being in the middle season of parenting myself but not so far away that I can't remember two and five and in between. Trust me, if you are a parent, you will love it.

8. Looking to the week ahead, I am immensely excited for Fisher's baseball game tomorrow and Alla's track meet on Thursday. I love seeing them do these things they are good at and love.

9. Looking to the weekend ahead, Ron is turning 39 and we are going to a Twins game to hear Alla and the rest of the performing arts crew sing the National Anthem and  the Canadian National Anthem since we're playing the Blue Jays. Both of these things happen on Sunday.

10. My two-cent parenting advice for the day: when you get to bedtime prayers, sing them! My grandmother Nanny always said singing is praying twice, so even though my sung prayer tonight was much closer to Beavis and Butthead than Amazing Grace, it did the job. Amen.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Baseball is back.

It's back!

We've been following the Twins since Spring Training.

We've been practicing for a few weeks.

But tonight was the first game of the season, and my goodness is Fisher excited. He came home and made a chart of all his stats for the night.

Tell me if you think this is how they calculate On Base Percentage: he had 5 at-bats, was tagged out on 2 of them, so three of them landed him on base. He gave each of those times on base 50%, multiplied by the three times he landed on base and came up with .150 for his OBP.

Works for me.

Looking forward to a season of beautiful nights.

(He's fun to watch. If you're local, come to a game!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's very Wednesday.

I'm tired today! We are in the middle of the busiest week of the school year so far. Baseball has started, allergies have started, the school musical opens tomorrow, we are still very much in the throes of house remodeling, and I'm just glad we have one more night of leftovers. It's very Wednesday, which must be a fraternal twin to Monday. So, this little image of Fisher and I on his birthday is what I'm up for today. Forget all the 2015 pictures to edit, or the rest of the Harry Potters. I picked one image I loved and stuck it up here. Amen.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Harry Potter, part 1.


I have a seriously large folder of Harry Potter photos to get through, and with remodeling continuing in our home, the culling and editing is not high on the list. So this may be part one of ten or twenty or just two, who knows, but Harry Potter pictures speak for themselves.

For a serious Harry Potter fan, it is a must-see. Entering Diagon Alley literally takes your breath away. You think, Wow, I'm here and Wow, they really made this.

It is authentic and amazingly detailed and we were wowed!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Here's Minnesota for ya - On Sunday I ran in shorts and a t-shirt. On Monday it was long sleeves, pants, running jacket, gloves, headband.

2. Definitely has me wishing for some more of this:

3. You can see more pool pictures from our week in Florida on the photography blog HERE. Ah, warmth.

4. The main part of remodeling is done here, and we're left with about thirty smaller projects that need to get done in order to relieve us from living in limbo, i.e. having two bedrooms with all the things and one bedroom with none of the things.

5. We are two weeks away from Alla's big weekend as the Tin Woman in her school production of The Wizard of Oz! If you're local, come see the show April 21-23 at Pinewood!

6. The kids and I are halfway through the second Nanny Piggins book. If you haven't read any of these TO your kids (they are absolute read-alouds), step on it. Hilarious and just what is needed in the last two months of the school year when all the things happen on the calendar.

7. We have learned that Fisher's baseball team this year will be the Angels! We are so ready for the season to start, and just need some baseball weather. 30s and rain is not going to cut it.

8. I am almost 75% of the way through A Little Life, which so far I am highly recommending.

9. A great family movie night from the past couple weeks - The Lego Brickumentary. If you've got die hard Lego fans in your house, it's a fun movie.

10. THIS week's family movie night will be the new Star Wars!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


It is truly truly hard for me to believe that my baby is eight. We mamas get sappy over every age it seems, and eight is no different really than seven was, but is a lot different than five and, I'm sure, ten. It's just a birthday thing, I think,

No different than every other sappy year. But, wow, it's been eight years since I've had him in my belly. That makes me feel further away from what I started out knowing was motherhood, and yet here I am deep in the trenches with an 8 year old and an almost 11 year old. Right in the middle.

This kid can be described in many ways, but here are 8:

1. Athletic
2. A good eater
3. Kind
4. A good friend
5. Whip smart
6. Warm
7. Baseball-loving
8. Outside-loving

He lets nothing hold him back, he just lives his life. He does what he does, he knows what he wants, and that is to play outside (preferably baseball), eat food, and feel loved by his family. His needs are so basic.

We discovered the summer he was 4 that he really loves baseball, and even though he plays soccer and football and tag and basketball and tennis, baseball is really his love.

He's kind of moody, I think anyone will tell you! Probably because he has these very basic needs, and when you throw something else in there he can be not all that flexible about it. So when I see a smile like THIS out of him, my heart just swells because that's our boy right there, the true him.

Happy birthday, Fisher. We love you so very much.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leap Day snapshots.

I hope it's not cheating to post these, as I'll then have an online record of them and could very well peek at them before the next Leap Day Time Capsule is upon us. I won't, though, as the surprise of looking through the 2012 pictures for the first time in 4 years was just too awesome.

What about you? Did you get your Time Capsule done? Did you put your photos in there and seal it shut? Shhhh, I'm still working on that last bit!