Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Our oven is broken, and being the cheap piece of junk that came with the house, it seems a good time to replace it. That said, I'm going to be without an oven for a week (oh poor me, I know), and suddenly it seems as though I've forgotten any other way to cook.

2. We've had glorious weather since Friday, in the 70s and sunny everyday, and we've absolutely spent as much of it as possible outside.

3. It felt so good to dig last year's roots, leaves, and dead marigold stalks out of the garden this morning.

4. It's a good thing we got in the garden this morning, because the 40s are supposed to return tomorrow and last through the weekend.

5. Weather be darned, we are going to have ourselves a Cinco de Mayo fiesta this weekend!

6. We also got to bike to Alla's school this morning and are about to turn around and head back soon.

7. One of my better Pinterest finds was an article about why your kids should memorize poetry. Being the type of person who doesn't read directions, I skipped the 'why' portion and went right to the 'how to' section, and have since had a poem up on the fridge for them. The February and March ones were each 8 lines, and just having them up there, reading them a couple times, got them memorized. I was astounded. The April poem is only 4 lines, and we are looking forward to working on a new one tomorrow.

8. My daughter, animal lover that she is, tried to pick up a mouse over the weekend, presumably to play with it or cuddle it or just hold it, and got bit. Thankfully the doctor checked it out and her thumb won't be falling off.

9. Sadly, I've only made it through 11 pages of The Runaway King, and it's due back to the library tomorrow. The book drew me in from the first line, and started doing a good job reminding me of what happened in The False Prince, which I adored, but I've been too busy to read more than just at bedtime, which is typically when I fall asleep with the book on my face.

10. Hopefully you heard the good news! After 7 years of being a very casual photographer, I finally have a website! I hope you'll check it out and tell all your friends.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Before we move on.

The weather is (is!) going to turn here soon, we will (will!) flip a switch and get buds and green and feel the warmth of the sun, if only for a few days before a cold front comes in, though hopefully that cold won't be nearly the cold and the snow of the past month.
So before we move on to the possibilities associated with spring glory, I thought I would jot a few things down, just to remember.
First, Fisher's orange fleece.
Second, his new birthday watch and how we can catch him checking the time many times a day, and even willing it to slow so he can tell us the precise second it is right now.

Third, binoculars. Both kids got them for Christmas, and they are almost always around their necks.

Fourth, me in the picture with the kids! What! Hardly ever happens, unless I stage it, or we run across a lovely mirrored sculpture, like this one at Silverwood Park. But this counts, I'm here with them.

Now that we have that out of the way, Spring, feel free to make your grand entrance. We welcome you!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Let's start this off by getting some things down for posterity. Today is Tuesday, April 23, 2013, and this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland - snow covered trees, crisp sunshine and blue skies, the stuff you dream about in the actual winter, because it was beautiful and warm enough to enjoy it.

2. In Alla's second grade class they are learning how to read a few paragraphs in such a way that they are pulling out the critical information. So, reader, go back to #1 and pull out the critical information. Can't see it? No? OK, I'll tell you: Today is Tuesday, April 23, 2013.

3. I wish I could tell you those were gorgeous flower buds on our tree. But look closer. It's snow.

4. At least I had my little shoveler out there. I refused. Not.shoveling.any.more.

5. Fisher almost always gets a cold this week, right before Alla's birthday. I have memories of Alla's fifth birthday party, rainbow-themed, and my dear friend Jody holding him the whole time, and every single picture of him has those weepy tired eyes and red nose. Oh, please let him be all better before the big birthday weekend. And please let her be spared.

6. One birthday in my childhood my parents were taking me and my best friend Jennifer to Disneyland for my birthday, but that morning I was too sick to go. Even though I have no idea how old I was turning, I remember how very sad I was, and where I was sitting when I had to call her with the bad news.

7. We have a big birthday weekend planned with dinner out, tea with Nana, and rides on Sunday (oh yes the weather is forecasted to be in the upper 70s just FIVE DAYS FROM NOW!). Hence my concerns with #5 and #6.

8. That little boy went to bed super early tonight, so Alla and I got in some quality reading of Despereaux, of which we are nearing the end. Gosh you have to love Kate DiCamillo and everything she has ever written.

9. And, about that little boy, we were busy in March traveling to North Carolina for a Great Killins Family Vacation, but while we were there, he turned FIVE. So, he's five. Five.

10. And, with this post, I have, for the first time ever, crossed off the final thing on my to-do list. For today.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Made the most delicious rice side dish ever - Mexican Sour Cream Rice. So glad we have a third night of leftovers because I'm not quite done with that yet.

2. To go with that yummy rice, or rather, the main course to that rice, was the most amazing carnitas ever. Which I'm also looking forward to, for the third night in a row.

3. After that I will have to resort to the old stand-by, Black Bean Soup.

4. Winter is truly holding on here, with 4-8 inches of snow predicted by Thursday. It's getting out of hand, even for Minnesota. I'm hoping to grow wings and fly south for a bit.

5. Fisher is upstairs having quiet time, telling a story with various Lego creations. Legos are just about the only toy played with these days.

6. I have 308 pictures from our trip in March through this past week that I simply must find the time to go through.

7. Do you ever feel like you could sit at your computer for an entire day and still not get everything done?

8. Alla got new shoes this weekend - honest to goodness running shoes - and she asked to go for a run when she got home yesterday. So we did. Then she asked Daddy if we could find a "running race" to sign up for, but could she skate in it. She is crazy fast on rollerblades, but still. We mentioned the whole definition of "running race."

9. I went through an entire expanding file folder of saved recipes-to-try this morning. Creating this folder was, for whatever reason, one of my to-do items when during the nesting stage of my pregnancy with Alla. It is very organized and labeled, however, I don't think I've done anything but file magazine pages in there, and in fact I ended up purging 90% of it. Honestly, the recipes I wanted to try in 2005 are very different from those I can try in 2013. Anything with flour, nuts, flax, and sesame were tossed, and the rest of the 90% were way too complicated for a mom. The things you learn in almost 8 years as a mother.

10. I am still on the hunt for the perfect, not-eighty-dollar-sweatshirt. Been looking since last summer. So far no luck. It's out there. The one I'm wearing today is not it!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Now that Spring Break, current round of spring colds, and a lovely boy's 5th birthday are done, I think we can get back to normal around here. Until a lovely girl turns 8 at the end of the month. 5 and 8? Really?

2. That lovely boy is going to be a Ringbearer this summer, and, as you would expect, he is looking forward to wearing a BEAR SUIT for the occasion. What, this isn't the traditional garb for a Ringbearer? Well, it is for a "RingBEAR." We might have to notify the bride.

3. There is still loads of snow on the ground, but we've had a few days here and there with more spring like temperatures. We are looking for robin who might want to nest here, watching the trees for buds to shoot out, and, my favorite sign of spring, smiling at honking geese as they come back from their long winter break.

4. Speaking of looking to spring endeavors, I'm looking forward to growing sweet potatoes, partly because we love sweet potatoes, and partly because it's one of my favorite annuals to pick up for a pot on the deck or in a basket.

5. Since it is April, Minnesotans, please put away all Christmas lights, withered wreaths, and snowman decorations.

6. Television favorites in our home at the moment: Transformers Prime and Wild Kratts, still. The grown-ups loved House of Cards, and I have approximately 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy to catch up on, since the man of the house has given it up.

7. Mmmmm, pinto beans are brewing in the crockpot with some garlic, salt, chili powder, a sliced jalapeno, and the ham bone from Easter. Cover all that with a combination of water and broth and you have an easy meal. One of our favorites.

8. Thank goodness the snow days are numbered, as my children's snowpants have seen better days and are not exactly waterproof anymore.

9. Just finished Code Name Verity which was a good read, although weeding through all the plane jargon made the reading a bit fragmented for me.

10. I am a bit obsessed with grapefruits of late. This has been revolutionary as an end of winter fruit, before we get much summer produce. Obsessed, as in looking forward to eating another one and I probably just had one.