Thursday, December 17, 2009

One week til Christmas Eve.

And this is what we're doing -

Eating in-season pomegranates. Even Fisher is warming to them, though not with the gusto Alla displayed at his age. We have a tree!

We savor the Sunday paper.

We had a blast at our mama-daughter Saturday outing to Disney on Ice: Princess Classics! Alla says to me when it gets going, See, Mama, I told you there were going to be handsome princes!
After leaping out of his crib, we were forced to amend it, which he thinks is so cool as he climbs in and out, telling me, big boy.
Fortunately, this big boy bed business means he's safe in bed.
Unfortunately, he's OUT of bed a lot, turning the light on and off, playing in the diaper pail, putting wipes in there. Oh, fun.
She still likes stripes (so do I), and she always dresses herself in crazy combinations. Love it. Love her.


Melanie said...

so glad we aren't yet climbing out of the crib. she's not much of a climber - yet...

Megan said...

Fisher looks so big in his new bed. I love those stripes too. Any way you wear them, Alla, they look good!

Cathy Bolander said...

Such a big boy. I too am thankful that Joey hasn't tried to climb out yet because he is already a handful. I couldn't imagine him in a big boy bed. Love stripes too.

Marie said...

Oh my I am not ready for a big boy bed but I know that it is only a matter of time. Seriously, the kid climbs on EVERYTHING.

Amy said...

This just makes me smile! Makes me slow down, appreciate all the little stuff. . . the important stuff. Miss you guys!