Saturday, September 03, 2011

Where we've been.

We hit up the State Fair today, so while I'm uploading those photos, I thought I'd show our photos from California, where we spent five days at the end of August, visiting my brother and his family. It's imperative that I post this picture of me and Fisher, though my eye makeup has turned me into a monster, because otherwise it may look as though my children vacationed on their own.

We spent two lovely afternoons at my sister-in-law's parents' pool watching my nephew jump into the water about 850 times. The kid is amazing, no fear.
He might have seen cousin Alla do that once, and that was it, he made it his own.
Another item checked off Fisher's to-do list: driving Ashton's Arctic Cat. (Not sure how Ash really felt about that.)
Let's be honest, the real reason we went was to meet our newest nephew, Declan, born in May and just adorable.
My viking daughter, at the airport when we left Minneapolis.
I was super excited to walk to their Saturday farmer's market, because, hello, peaches! The kids dug the craft table, where they all got to work decorating papers before folding them into airplanes.
I love how the farmer's markets in California are set up, just fruit and veggies piled up, and you pick what you want, they weigh it, you pay. Here in Minnesota, they've got a basket of five tomatoes all made up for you for three bucks and you pick the already made up basket you want.
More farmer's market - Alla posing with the statue, she loved that little girl there.
Have I yet mentioned Alla LOVING her new baby cousin? She was trying to take him out of my arms every time I had the kid. Baby stealer.
I think I mentioned Ashton being just amazing in the pool, so here he is loving his Daddy throwing him up super high!
I love seeing my brother with his two boys.
Alla did love the time she got to spend with her cousins, but she was also pretty impressed with being in the airplane and under the clouds.
And then over the clouds. Pretty amazing.
Also amazing - brother love. Welcome to the world of sibling life, you two. You are so lucky to have each other!


Megan said...

I miss California famers' markets too. Ours are like yours were we get a basket of stuff they've put together. Usually it's good but not much to choose from. Great pictures of your trip!

Cathy Bolander said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Love the pool pics & what adorable boys you visited with your adorable kids.