Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Somehow Ron got me sucked into The Walking Dead. And by sucked in, I mean kind of addicted.

2. We had a lovely 80-degree weekend, and then today we didn't get out of the fifties. We get used to that temperature here in Minnesota, of course, and eventually the fifties feel quite warm. But right now it's chilly. And supposed to get chillier. Fall is here.

3. Fall weather means fall food, though, and we had ourselves some lovely overnight steel cut oats this morning. Delish.

4. And picked up the first Honeycrisps today!

5. Fisher made it through exactly one week of school before coming down with a cold.

6. Alla is making her way through the second Harry Potter. She is going to read all seven so we can go to Harry Potter World. Sorry, Fisher, but you'll have to read them, too - no free rides:)

7. Today Fisher and I went on a lovely Mama run/Fisher bike ride, sans training wheels! I can hardly keep up with that kid. I'm pretty comfortable with about a 9:30 pace, and this kid has me trying to catch him at 8:30, and still not succeeding.

8. I bought myself a hot stone massage on Crowd Cut almost a year ago, because it was in fact good for a year, and am finally getting to use it this Friday!

9. Our family needs to get flu shots, but they are only done until 4 at the clinic at Ron's work, and 4 is when Alla gets out of school.

10. I am so glad to be back in Alla's classroom volunteering this year. It doesn't always mean I get to work directly with her, but she loves it all the same, having her mama in her class, and I enjoy getting to know the kids she spends her day with.

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