Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. OK, we're the next couple to get sucked into Homeland.

2. Hearing Fisher pray for "the children" at bedtime stirs my heart.

3. Seeing the flag at half-mast when I pull up to Alla's school makes me want to keep driving.

4. Three more days of school for her and then a much needed holiday break.

5. Christmas is a week from today. Wow. It's there, on the horizon, and then it's running full speed at you.

6. Getting run days in with cold weather, darkness, and few mornings on my own has meant, well, not much running. Unfortunately, the weatherman predicts a cold next few weeks.

7. Made Deb Perelman's Black Bean Ragout for dinner - Smitten Kitchen was a winner all around.

8. Paul McCartney might want to hear Fisher's version of his "Simply having a wonderful Christmas time" jingle, which goes something like this: "Saving, adding, welcome Christmas time!"

9. Tomorrow I get to join Fisher for part of the morning at school to make a gingerbread house - he has no idea what this means but is very excited.

10. Nothing matches his excitement, however, about the C-130. I can't explain it, he's just obsessed with this plane and doesn't really understand why most people don't know as much as he does about it.

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