Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesdsay.

1. We are in the midst of a true heatwave here. Two things that keep me cool: frozen grapes (I froze 2 bags on Sunday), and water bottles full of ice water. I can sit out there til the cows come home with a bottle filled with ice and water. Once the ice is gone, I'm done.

2. This is our last week of summer. School starts a week from today. Why on earth does it have to go so fast? I guess we're as ready as we're going to get, by which I mean we've sharpened the required 60 pencils.

3. This morning we took advantage of the hot weather and stayed home. Ha! We watched Epic, made Buckwheat Krispie Treats and Frozen Salted Chocolate Banana Bites. Yum!

4. It's too hot to run. I have no problem with running in five degrees, but running in 85 or 95 is completely out of the question.

5. I feel like the kids and I are torn between doing a lot of nothing this week and a lot of stuff. I think nothing is winning out. I see Alla with her nose in the third Benedict Society book, and Fisher constantly playing outside (95 does not bother him), and I have to remind myself that they are happy doing those things, that we don't have to fill up our (last) days with going, going, going. A slowdown might ease us into the school year.

6. That said, I'm sure we have one beach day left in us, maybe a cool morning for us to canoe.

7. Just.one.more.thing.

8. If I'm being honest, it will be more of this. Thanks, Buddy, for capturing what I do best.
9. The kids got to see the Okee Dokees at the fair this past weekend, but they played an even longer, less hot show last week, and we stuck around for a picnic lunch and a photo with the greatest Minnesota band.

10. My favorite part of the fair, and it's always over in 10.3 seconds? The Giant Slide!!


Megan said...

Seriously 60 pencils? I had less than half that and I have three kids with lists. The kid would love that slide! And Jeremiah too probably.

Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I'm so glad we got to see the Okee Dokees in concert! Thanks for sharing the good news about their music.