Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It was a warm 80 degree weekend, and then Monday, upper 50s. It's in between time. Too chilly for shorts (I'm trying to convince Fisher of this), but snow stuff is a ways off (hopefully). We went from flip flops to Mom where are my mittens this morning.

2. I personally am now very glad I purchased that lovely fleece in the middle of the summer on sale. It really came in handy this afternoon.

3. This week I'm reading I'll Give You The Sun and it's so intriguing.

4. The school is putting on a musical this year, Annie, and I have a little girl auditioning on Friday! I think the boy in our house is going to get tired of Tomorrow before auditions, let alone the performance in May.

5. One of my jobs that I take very seriously in our family is Library Book/CD/Movie Requester and Picker Upper.

6. As such, it is on my calendar for October 1st to request all of our favorite Halloween reads.

7. I daresay the bathroom is done. Ron's favorite part are the cabinet drawers that catch when they're closed so they close ever so softly. Mine is the light in the shower. It's just everything being able to see in there.

8. Conferences tonight, eager to hear about my rotten children. Ha!

9. The latest request for a pet from our children is for a trained monkey.

10. Tomorrow is October. October is a wily month here in Minnesota. It can be warm, it can rain, it can be windy enough to shake all the leaves from the trees, it can s-n-o-w. Whatever happens, when we meet back here again on the 31st, it will be quite different here on our street.

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