Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've been editing.
Images from this year. Images from last year. Trying to keep up, maintain, get ahead. There are so many pictures. I often feel superior because at least I am taking the pictures. But there is so very much to be done after that. It gets overwhelming, it gets backed up, it piles high and gets ignored.
But I'm into the thick of it now, and uncovering gems.
Smiles are changing here. Last week both kids lost a tooth! Both!
This is Fisher last year, April, when he lost his first tooth, a bottom one, you can hardly see it here. Smile hardly changed.

This is Fisher last month with the first top tooth out.
Then he goes and loses the other top one a month later. Secretly I'm kind of glad. I was hoping for that big window on him, since Alla had one growing in before the other came out. It's once in a lifetime you know? Well, we hope. I mean the kid comes in with a bloody lip every other day having slid on the ice or gotten kneed or taking a ball to the mouth. Boys.

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