Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This was going to be a pictureless post because our downstairs is currently TORN UP and my computer is currently tarped so there's no getting to anything even remotely current. But then I found this gem on my laptop and the day was saved.

2. Today = day 6 of renovations. Some days I think I'm going to lose my ever-loving mind. You know I don't like dust, right? Well, remodeling is dusty. Real dusty.

3. Turns out non-fiction parenting is not really my jam right now. So I've also started Gone Girl, which, no, I never read. Still chugging along on the parenting book, at a rate of 5 pages a day. Will be done before Spring Break.

4. Speaking of Gone Girl, I'm wondering if there are other BIG books out there that I missed that everyone just ate up.

5. Back to the non-fiction parenting, though, real quick just to say that sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind to read a certain type of book, and currently my mind is bogged down by all the dust in my house and requiring something a bit lighter than parenting theory. But I can take it in 5-page increments.

6. Balmy here this week, upper 20s and even 30. Might hit upper 30s by the weekend.

7. Majorly jealous of the several feet of snow people on the East Coast got. I realize three feet is no joke, but I would really like a chance at it, and I can say for certain that the kids would more than love it.

8. Alla had her orchestra concert last night! I hope she sticks with it; it is certainly obvious to me how much these kids improve year to year, because by the time they got to the high school part of the program it was pretty amazing.

9. Sometimes I don't put pants on over my workout pants which are typically capri-length, and then I'm aware of how Minnesotan I must look at Target with my parka, hat, and mittens, but calves just out.

10. Watched The Rookie with the kids over the weekend, which was a home run (ha) in my book - it's a feel good movie, it's about baseball, and there were no weird PG-13 moments. Sadly, I think we're coming close to having seen all the baseball movies.

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