Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Happy New Year!

2. It's 2017. That's a big year. We are officially ten days away from 4-0. I am not sure why the use of we. Perhaps it's going to take me these ten days to get a grip.

3. In the meantime, this is the state of my living room. Just keepin it real, yo.

4. Kids went back to school today after a swell winter break. No one was very excited, but Alla seemed great when I picked her up, and Fisher said it was such a fun day. Perhaps they missed their routines more than they thought.

5. I wanted to go for a run today, outside, but was thwarted by a treacherous glaze on every running surface available to me. I hate the treadmill, but today was grateful for it.

6. Ron and I have both recently finished our read-alouds with the kids. He finished the Percy Jackson series, and I just finished The Land Without Color, which Alla and I picked up at the Twin Cities book festival in the fall. Local author!

7. I read Adam Gidwitz' wonderful The Inquisitor's Tale, and would not be mad if this wins the Newbery. It's that good.

8. Strangely enough, I did not set a reading goal for the year. I am deeming this the catch-up year, moving to the top of the list all those books that I've been pushing aside for newer ones. I'm intrigued by re-reading Harry Potter. I know Alla wants me to read The Land of Stories. We shall see. I have yet to take all of the books off of my library list, so not sure how successful I'll be "catching up."

9. We are looking forward to seeing Hidden Figures, maybe this weekend.

10. For Christmas I got a Vitamix from my very lovely husband, so I am back on a smoothie kick (kids still call them moo-moos), drinking lots of green smoothies.


Elizabeth said...

I love reading your blog, friend!
Gracie got the new Adam Gidwitz for Christmas. I did a lot of research on everyone's Christmas books this year and picked that and the Wall and Cloudfish one for her. Newbery buzz and all that! Bridget is the only one who has read the Land of Stories series... and I am also thinking about rereading Harry Potter. I've only ever read the series once, and I had to wait for books 4-7 to be released. Would be cool to read them quickly in order. And maybe 2017 is the year for the final Penderwicks! We can only hope.

J.J. said...

Elizabeth! We could chat books for hours. The Cloudfish one is being purchased by the library, so it'll be a bit before I get that. I only ever read the whole HP series once, too, though I probably read the first one at least 5 times between kids. And I also had to wait for 4-7 (bet we read them at the same time!), so while that was exciting, I think it would be so fun to read them back to back. However. 7 books. Alla is currently on #7 again - she loves to re-read them!

IF Penderwicks #5 comes out this year, I vow to purchase them all and re-read them all in order. Beloved.