Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So, there you have it. Ron is 40. I'm sure that's very old to someone, but as someone who's been 40 for a few months now, it feels just about the same.

2. I am in desperate need of some new running shoes. The most recent pair gives me painful tingles in the feet after about two miles, so I've resorted to the older pair that probably has 700 miles on them. Not good either way.

3. So I'll add "go to running store" to my endless list of things I must get to before school lets out but that there currently doesn't seem to be enough time to do.

4. After Memorial Day the kids will have only 8 school days left! Very hard to believe the unofficial start to summer is upon us.

5. Especially since Sunday night we sat through one of the coldest baseball games in Little League history. Multiple layers were worn and coats were pulled out of storage. The players had fun and won their game.

6. Best way to warm up after said freezing cold baseball game? Hot toddy.

7. I am oh so near the end of Unbroken, and getting so excited to get to start a new book soon! What will it be?!

8. With the improving weather, the kids may yet get a chance to bike to school.

9. My daughter is currently outside crafting a fishing pole so she can go fishing with the loveliest 5 year old boy. One of her greatest qualities is her big kind heart.

10. My newest favorite picture of the kids!


elizabethdillow said...

That's an awesome photo of those two! We have been freezing our tails off over here... I refused to put my winter coat on to take Ellie this morning though because MAY 23. (I was freezing) I am a lifelong Brooks convert. I love those shoes so much. I went to the running store to get my gait analyzed about 6 years or so ago and she convinced me, the most loyal Nike shoe wearer in the world, that I would love them and she was right.

J.J. said...

It was SO COLD here over the weekend. I guess that's how they keep the riff-raff out? Whatever, I am over it and need to be warm. You are reminding me that I had my gait analyzed (somewhat, via how I was wearing down the shoes) like a decade ago, and probably don't need that, just a good neutral shoe. I'm going to look into your Brooks!

Amanda Cowan said...

I loved Unbroken, but it was such a heavy read. I'm pretty sure I followed it up with something lighthearted and frivolous.