Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I thought May was busy, but summer has its own rhythm that is more hands-on, less things that the schools have scheduled and therefore caused me to add to my calendar. We are still busy, just a different busy, if that even matters.

2. Up until today, it has been pretty darn cool out. Yay for free air conditioning, and that 51 degree run this morning was mighty refreshing, but it's also nice to be able to sit outside without your hoodie up.

3. Finished reading Danny the Champion of the World to the kids - great read-aloud.

4. Also finished my own book, Posted, which I highly recommend. If my own middle schooler didn't have a ton of books on her list already, I'd hand it over.

5. I've become a [summer] morning runner. You will not find me as brave as Ron come winter, getting up and running in the dark AND cold. But while summer is here and I can run in 50 or 60 degrees instead of 70 or 80, I'm doing it. I am even going to hit my goal of 50 miles this month.

6. Summer = back to American Ninja Warrior!

7. Summer = back to the simplest ever cooking.

8. We have the sweetest little bunny in our backyard who comes and sits in the same spot right next to our (fenced) garden and naps. Alla thinks he might come while she's playing her violin.

9. Regular season baseball is now over for us. Fisher's team finished 4th for the regular season. The kid made a spectacular catch in their final playoff game, and now has to wait two weeks before extended season instructional league starts. He doesn't even care what anything is called or about, he just wants to play.

10. The kids have made a Monster Summer List, meaning there's no way we are going to do all of that stuff!

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