Monday, September 11, 2006

Maple Mondays.

For the next several weeks I will bring you Maple Mondays, where we will examine the leaves on the giant maple tree in our front yard for signs of fall. Today it is green. Not even a yellow leaf to speak of. But it was not a stitch above 55 yesterday, so I imagine the good ol' maple is sure that fall is here and will be getting some golden soon. Check back here next Monday for an update! I'm sure I've left you all just dying for the next installment.

And, us. Our little family.

We went with the Fulkerson's to a little (and I do mean little) Greek festival in uptown Minneapolis. But, hey, great friends. Great food. Great times. And we are for sure heading back to uptown real soon to explore the shops and eateries. Seems like a family shoot of the Fulkerson's is in order cause only Tara and Ashby's picture came out with both person's eyes open!


Susie said...

for leaves changing colors :)

Megan said...

Can't wait to witness a Minnesota fall! Great pics as usual.

Tasha said...

So looking forward to watching the leaves as they change over. I can not wait until Fall.... Loove your cute family and friends.

erin said...

Love seeing some of your new friends! Look at your all settled in and stuff!

Susan said...

ok, i TOTALLY love the maple monday concept. love it. wish we had our own maple too. totally knowing that we are going to miss the height of the colors while we're away - boo! and yay for getting to check out uptown. some of our fave restaurants are there!