Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Look closer. See that little girl squashed between the chair and the window? That's where she retires every afternoon for quiet time. Forget about the playroom. Kids like the teeniest, coziest spots they can find, and this girl's been working on this spot for a few years now.

I finally put all her little figures into baskets and clear containers so she knows where all her stuff is for telling her stories. She'll come home from school and tell me she has such a great story to tell, and sneak back there for a few minutes while I make lunch.It's just the perfect visual of how kids don't need much, and they certainly don't need anything big. She's got animals and fairies and pollys and frogs and bugs and dinosaurs and ocean animals, and they are all super important characters in her stories.

Plus she's got the best view of Mama and Papa Robin swooping down for beakfuls of dead grass to build up their nest.

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