Monday, July 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Taking a break from Breezy Point pictures for Ten on Tuesday.

2. At least once I week I run into the problem of not being able to request any more books from the library because I've maxed out my request list.

3. We started The Big C last night. I am glad it's a comedy because there's lots to be sad about, too.

4. Sayonara, Friday Night Lights. We will miss you.

5. I have read some fabulous books lately - Cutting for Stone and then These is My Words. Now I'm onto The Girl Who Fell From the Sky.

6. Went down the street to our friends' house for dinner on Saturday and I made this delicious Summery Whole Grain Salad to take. Sadly, it's almost gone. Be sure to double it.

7. We are in the middle of a crazy heatwave here. Heat index in the 105-115 range. Hoping for cooler weather, but on the other hand, as I sit out there with bottle after bottle of ice water, I can imagine the snow covering the yard instead of the sprinkler and that makes me appreciate the here and now a little more.

8. Alla and Fisher both love to be told a story. I have such memories of my dad making up stories at bedtime for my brother and I. Alla can remember all of the ones I tell, and I'm not sure how, because once I've told it, it's gone from me. But she'll ask, weeks later, about the one with the elephant who had too much skin and was made fun of but all the little elephant children loved him and then he saved a tree and was a hero.

9. Went to the splash park this morning under muggy, cloudy skies and make it back in the house just as the hail was coming down. I truly love a good storm but I think the kiddos could sense that Mama was a little skittish about driving practically into those black skies as we raced home before the worst of it.

10. Upon returning from our trip we discovered a new robin's nest under the deck! Hopefully there will be a new round of baby chirpies soon.


Mindi said...

Kashif usually has all four of our library cards maxed out at any given time. The man has a problem. :)

I love your stories about elephants and saving trees.

pakosta said...

and whoa, in the post below, alla is looking sooooooo MUCH like her beautiful momma!