Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The little girl who had a tooth missing now has two teeth missing!

2. Last summer soccer game tomorrow night.

3. When Alla woke up on Sunday morning to find a coin in her tooth fairy pouch, I asked her why she got a dollar coin when I only got quarters when I was a kid. She told me that "in the olden days they didn't have much money so you could only get quarters." Of course I asked her when were the olden days, to which she replied, "You know, when you were little." Ah.

4. Can't believe this is the last Ten on Tuesday for July. Where is the summer going? In a month we will be State Fair-ing and meeting new teachers and checking off school supplies and trying to figure out what on earth to make my child for her lunch box over the next 180 school days.

5. I've been in denial but I think it might be time to stock up on summer clothes for next year.

6. The best thing I heard today was from Fisher at his naptime: "Mommy? I love you."

7. At our regular park playdate this morning, Fisher shouted to everyone present, at the top of his lungs, "THERE'S A TRACTOR!!"

8. I desperately need a good purse. Big, like a medium-sized tote bag. Full of pockets so that important things like epi-pens and cell phone don't just disappear into a great abyss. Super duper durable. No, I'm not in search of a backpack.

9. I've just scheduled book requests from the library through the end of the year. That's a lot of reading.

10. We had an amazing weekend. Here's why:


Sally said...

JJ, I've been reading your blog forever - linked from the Pigbear. Haven't ever commented, but your search for a great bag might just be over. Erin had recommended a long time ago the bags from Mims Maine on Etsy. I purchased one this spring and wow...they're awesome. Lots of pockets, customizable...and if it has to be, it can be a backpack. You might just love it. ;-)

Susie said...

Oh happy day- that is a very good scene :) Tow very good people together makes my heart so happy :)