Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I am barreling through The Passage now, folks, it won't be long now. It's a really super read.

2. I was gifted snowshoes by my husband last year for my birthday, but didn't get to use them until this winter because they require, uh, snow. So after traipsing around like a bumbling fool (Did anyone know that I have an undergraduate degree in dance? Anyone who's seen me on snowshoes would never suspect this.) over the holidays, Alla came home with the news that her class would be going on a snowshoe field trip in February, and would I come because I own a pair of snowshoes. Sure. But, so as not to appear as a bumbling fool in front of a class of second graders, I signed up for a "Back Country Snowshoe Trek." Full report to follow.

3. The Killins family stepped into the 21st century today with a new washer and dryer. Let me tell you, technology has improved in 16 years.

4. Four-day weekend ahead. Yay! Looking forward to a thaw.

5. That's because it's been below zero here for three days. Zero is my breaking point for a run.

6. We finally watched BRAVE this weekend, which was uplifting and great. Four thumbs up.

7. Went to a truly delightful Mommy brunch this weekend with ten other mamas. What almost treat. Brought back memories of all the after-church brunches of my childhood. I'm talking to you, Guadalaharry's.

8. What in HECK are you eating for produce right now? Apples are slim pickins. Clementines are starting lose their tartness. What else is there? I need something we can all snack on, to put in lunches.

9. My daughter saves her lunch notes from me in the front pocket of her lunchbox.

10. Speaking of lunches, my children are suddenly gaga for the humble ham and cheese sandwich. It's about time the sunbutter sandwich shares the limelight.

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Megan said...

We, too, thought Brave was fantastic. I'm interested in what you decided on for a new washer/dryer. Oh, and tell me more about snowshoeing. I'd love to try it. Produce...we've been splurging for blueberries, golden delicious apples, bananas, and cuties. Pretty lame in the fruit department too.