Thursday, November 07, 2013

10 Things: Fisher.

Fisher's turn!

1. You are kind to others.

2. Today you read me The Cat in the Hat.

3. You love to be outside. Running around with all the neighborhood friends, biking, playing Zombie Tag, football, tennis, baseball, Frisbee, soccer, swinging while screaming singing "Footloose."

4. Today's breakfast was a waffle-sausage sandwich.

5. You love Legos.

6. When you come out of school, you are always playing Rock Paper Scissors Shoe with your friend Colton. All the way to the car. This better change as the temperatures approach single digits, buddy.

7. You've started saying that awesome things are epic.

8. There's a 50-50 chance that you'll get your undies on the right way each night after shower. You just don't really give a hoot.

9. Holy bagumba, you have one heck of a duck (pouty) face.

10. You tell me I love you to infinity and beyond!

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