Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Did you miss the Halloween post?

2. It's the most exciting time of the year! The Goodreads Best Books of the year voting has begun. I generally haven't read the majority of the books in any one category, but I do love to vote for something I did particularly enjoy reading, and also it's a great list of stuff to put on my to-read list. Go vote!

3. I am currently in the middle of a memoir about a girl growing up in a house with a father who hoarded. Wow.

4. The kids and I are in the middle of Flora and Ulysses, which is also Wow.

5. Snow is forecasted for later today, piling up a few inches on our green grass. We're not too worried.

6. When should it snow here in these northern parts, on average, though, you ask? Well typically we have a white Christmas (otherwise, BOO). And also typically, our family members like to guess the date of the first plowable snow. The littles have dates in November, and the more sensible grown-ups picked December dates. We shall see.

7. Alla saw our guest room all cleaned out and bed made extra prettily and made a wish that we'd have a Thanksgiving guest to sleep there. Any takers?

8. Our living room ceiling finally has lights, after almost seven and a half years in this house! It is my most favorite house upgrade ever.

9. Alla made her bean soup for dinner on Sunday and is so excited that she has a thermos now to take leftovers for lunch. Everyone is curious about what she has in there, and she had to bring two copies of her recipe today for people who thought it looked delicious yesterday!

10. I better get in a run this morning while the kids are at school and before the snow comes!

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