Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The best thing I did in November was this plank challenge. Actually it was the best thing I did for my abs after carrying two fat babies and then having them cut out of my body.
2. Today I sat on the couch with the tree lights on and finished a book, Navigating Early. This felt luxurious, but it is a goal in our family in December. To carve out time for those simplest activities that elude us during the busy [school] months.
3. It's been chilly running lately! Single digit highs and wind chill advisories, but we're still out there getting our fresh air runs on, our feet happy to be running on snow instead of ice. That's the silver lining of frigid temperatures - too cold to melt and cause ice and slush.
4. Do you have a favorite, go-to side dish/vegetable for everyday dinners? I love slices of roasted sweet potato but don't want the family to tire of them!
5. My next book - the much talked about Eleanor & Park!
6. A few Sundays ago, the kids reading together.

7. This past weekend, Alla had a terrible cold. She's still getting over it, I can still see the cold in her eyes, but at least she's on the mend. Days like that force us to shut down and just read. Quiet.

8. Fisher is becoming quite the reader, too! He recently loved the Hey Jack book I got him.
9. It's been ages since we've been out to see a movie.
10. How are there only 15 days left til Christmas? Every year I wonder how it got to be this time of year again.

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