Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Hello twist on the beautiful Brussels sprouts salad!

2. FYI if you get the bag of preshredded Brussels sprouts from TJs, there are 4 cups in there.

3. I love bacon.

4. This is my 8th winter in Minnesota and yet there is still one thing that I can't figure out: how to keep our entryway clean. Yes our house is small, no we do not have a mudroom. You come in, your boots are filthy. The tile is now filthy. At the moment we're stepping on towels that I can wash everyday.

5. My new favorite wine - Edmeades Zinfandel.

6. Yesterday I finished Eleanor & Park, so good.

7. The kids have been having me cut paper for homemade Christmas cards everyday. The smart thing to do would be to put together a card making kit for next year so it's ready to go for my crafty offspring.

8. I'm thinking I can read 2-3 more books before year's end.

9. Three more days of school til Christmas vacation!

10. Here's hoping for a vacation filled with sledding, skating, reading, and good food:)

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