Tuesday, June 02, 2015

TWENTY on Tuesday.

Twenty, because was your May as busy as ours? These twenty are all from the day before Labor Day through today.

1. Ron turned 38.

2. I potted a jillion flowers.

3. Ron ripped up our deck.

4. Ron replaced all the boards on our deck.

5. Ron doesn't want furniture to scratch our new deck.

6. Fisher found a smallish toad.

7. Ron found a smallish toad, as well as a very large one that is currently residing under one of our hostas.

8. A mama duck crossed our street in the rain with her twelve little ducklings. Twelve!

9. Fisher took me on a 3 mile run. That kid ran the whole time.

10. Fisher ran a 7:45 1.1 mile at our school's Fun Run. He was the 5th finisher of the entire school.

11. The baby robins left.

12. I am still reading All the Light We Cannot See. It is very good. I am not reading lots lately.

13. Alla and I started clearing rocks for a new flower bed. We are now in search of native perennials to attract butterflies.

14. A lot of baseball has been played.

15. Train track-building remains a great rainy day activity.

16. We finally put the winter clothes away.

17. Alla and I went to see The Weepies in concert. So amazing!

18. I went to about seven hundred different school events.

19. I gave the kids their summer reading lists!

20. Two more days of school. Cannot wrap my head around that.

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