Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fisher had his first-ever birthday party this weekend! I think he had a good time.

2. The bathroom is DONE.

3. Now, onto other projects, right?

4. I'm thinking Zootopia one day over spring break.

5. Fisher turns EIGHT on Saturday.

6. Saturday it was almost 70 degrees again, and I ran in shorts again, and it was lovely again.

7.  A Little Life is very, very good. If you're taking this on, invest yourself for 100 pages to get into it.

8. Alla made it into the 5th Harry Potter book - a valiant effort!

9. Hard to believe Easter is next Sunday! Better get my act together.

10. This is how far I've gotten on my 2015 editing: October, obviously.

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