Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Ok, some "anonymous" commentor (we'll leave it at that) suggested that I also have a beautiful husband and should post more photos of him here. Since this is the season of giving, I will indulge, whoever you are, wink wink;)

THIS is my gorgeous husband, Ronald, and Alla...Miss I-Just-Woke-Up-Mama, I'm-Not-Ready-For-My-Close-Up.


tara said...

too funny! he sure is handsome, for sure.....but that baby, man i can't get enough of seeing her face! she is a cutie patootie~! love it j.j.!!!! who was the anon. poster? t

Julie said...

those two are so sweet together, what a cute photo!

Elizabeth said...

I think the Killins Family might be the most beautiful family on the planet : )