Wednesday, December 28, 2005

J.J. Needs

Well my dear friend Susie was bored enough to find this game so I wouldn't have to. Simply Google your name and the word needs and see what you come up with. Here's what it looks like when you Google it: "J.J. needs" - and that's for those of you who are LAME like me and couldn't figure out the right combination of what goes in or out of quotation marks.

So without further ado, what J.J. needs:

1. J.J. needs to hit his shots when he gets them and take the ball to the basket.

First thing's first. This J.J. ain't a HE.

2. J.J. needs a new Avy.

Sounds good. Whatever an Avy is. I'll take one.

3. J.J. needs to find a real job.

I have a very real job, thank you very much.

4. J.J. needs to do the right thing ASAP.

Oh my word, keep your shirt on, I'll get right on it. After I change a diaper, and feed Alla, and and and...

5. J.J. needs meds badly.

I didn't know you felt this strongly. Don't prenatal vitamins count?

6. J.J. needs to decide if she wants to go for high returns or settle for a secure but smaller return.

Oh but I have figured out how to have it all.

7. J.J. needs a favor.

Yes, this is true. I have a load of laundry that needs to be folded. And some dishes to wash. And if you could pick up some groceries. That'd be great.

8. J.J. needs to play new songs and sing them well.

Yup. Now that we're out of "Silent Night" season and Alla is probably tired of "Kookaburra," I could definitely use a few new jingles to add to my repertoire.

9. J.J. needs moving advice.


10. J.J. needs to go back to school.

We all know that Ron has gone to school enough times for the both of us.

And that concludes our happy game for today. I leave you with this:


Susie said...

So I didn't realize that my instructions for the google game weren't very clear. I edited mine, and am so glad you played! Love the little photo at the end of yours, too :)

How was the Christmas madness? Glad to be over? Maybe I ought to just send an e-mail, I'm such a comment hog. Oink. Oink.

tara said...

so cute! 2 teeth wow! growing fast!!!

KMF said...

ok so I'm running a bit behind, but this was so funny.