Saturday, January 14, 2006

Birthday Goodness.

My 29th birthday was sweet goodness. Allow me to share.

Ron brought Alla to me in the morning with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday," and you must remember that this is my first birthday as a mama, so I truly felt all day that my sweet daughter was gift enough.

He also made me open a gift. Let me explain. I am the Queen of waiting to open gifts til 11:59. Drag 'em out as long as possible. Make it last. But I agreed to open One, and it was a box of the coolest shoes to wear everyday, slip-on, no fuss. I think they are very mommy-ish.

Got this surprise when I opened Alla's door after her nap:

Standing up. Can you believe it?

It was a good mail day. Scrapbook Trends magazine sent my goodie package for my October publications. 2 boxes of Chatterbox ribbon, a Scrapworks album, an SEI album, Paper Loft patterned paper and letter stickers, NRN Designs matchbook albums, and of course 2 copies of the issue I'm in. Thanks!

Hero Arts sent my Honorable Mention prize stamps. Thanks!

Ron and Katie thoroughly surprised me with a little party at Katie and Wally's for dinner! Here I thought we were going over for Pizza Friday, a standard in the Killins Household, and yet I was greeted by balloons, Wally makin' tacos, and news that Sara & Paul, Cathy & Rick (Happy Birthday, Rick!) were all coming as well! So fun! Alla slept all through our dinner and woke just as we were getting ready to leave.

When we arrived home, I found these on our doorstep from Mom and Dad Killins:Thank you, they are beautiful!

And once again, let me remind you that I open my presents as late as possible, so the rest were opened at 11 pm. Let's see...Kona coffee from Hawaii, a beautiful pink sweater, some money honey, and a sentimental card from good ol' Mom, that I truly understood this year being a mama myself.

So thank you all for the birthday goodness. I'm so glad you are all a part of My 30th Year.

I leave you with this bit of goodness - Alla getting a kick out of my balloon. Don't remind me, soon enough it is she who will have a bit of birthday goodness.


tara said...

sounds like the perfect birthday j.j.!~ hey did you order your stamps from hero arts or were you talking about the little heart one they sent! the goodies from ST sound GREAT!!!!! flowers are pretty! and look at alla standing up!!!! i can't get the link on there!

Tiffany Renea said...

Sounded like a truly wonderful day

Amanda Cowan said...

Grace is getting into balloons as well..she stares at the grocery store and the mylar ones there. When we go to a restaurant that has them for the kiddies we get one tied to her high chair and she yanks on the string to watch the balloon flutter the whole night. So cute. (Amanda from our Yahoo group btw)