Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Babies.

Yum. New babies are just yummy. So teensy, dependent, flopsy (yep it's a word), scrunched up, those little legs still in fetal position.

Welcome to the world, two January babies.

Kendyl Rylee, born 2 Jan, shown here with mommy Heather at 18 days old.

And Kelsea Rae, born 16 Jan, shown here with mommy Katie on her Birth Day.

So much fun awaits.


tara said...

happy birthday to the 2 precious babes! awesome photos!

Jennifer said...

Lovely photos of some very sweet babies!

Cat said...

What sweet photos! You're an awesome photographer!!

Susie said...

So new and fresh. Congratulations, ladies :) Welcome ot the best sorority of all, motherhood :)

Heather said...

J.J. - Thanks for taking the great photos of our sweet little Kendyl! We feel honored to make a debut on your blog! Congratulations Katie on the birth of your little girl...she's precious.

maria newport said...

i agree...they are yummy...making me miss having one around!