Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas week.

Two more days until the Big Guy [hopefully] arrives. I think I've been a good girl. I know Ron has been amazing. And my dear little Alla has been her sweet self all year long.

We're busy here. The family's all in town for the holidays.

The little one made bookmarks for her teachers. She starts her one day of preschool on January 10th. Whoa.
She made cookies this morning. Let's see...we've got Chocolate Crackle a la Martha Stewart, Spellbinders, Potato Chip cookies, Candy Cane cookies, and, best of all, Alla's sugar cookies. All yum. I don't usually bake. I really really don't need the cookies sitting around tempting me. But there's lots of us here to enjoy all the yumminess.
I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow but here's my official 28 week shot via Ron Killins Photography. 11 more weeks??
And, lastly, I am a true California girl at heart, but here's why I love living in Minnesota. You're almost guaranteed a White Christmas, and sometimes you even get these truly lovely serene scenes that some people only dream of.


Megan said...

Those cookies look yummy. Alla, my favorites are sugar cookies too. Please eat one for me!

Amy said...

Enjoy those cookies and the family. . . and especially the "family" still in your belly! You look so good!