Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Twenty on Tuesday: Let's just see the rest already.

1. Well since it's been three weeks now that we've been back from California, we just need to finish up that little segment and move on with life. So, without further ado, the rest...starting with our trip to Disneyland in which Alla love love loved Eeyore. A friend asked us when we got back if we did the whole princess thing, and I have to say, Alla's not so much into the princess concept. A much bigger fan of Eeyore. Nana did, however, teach her the princess wave, which she requests that we do at random times.
2. She also loved this piano in Goofy's house where you play a key and it makes a silly noise, to which she would respond every single time, oh my! That's the oh my face you're seeing.
3. Best loved song at Disneyland: Yo Ho, hands down. Though Alla did not like the going down part of the ride.
4. Katie and Kelsea on the merry-go-round. Another big thrill for Alla, but if you know anything at all about Alla, it's that she completely adores merry-go-rounds.
5. After a long day with no naps, I think they hardly made it onto the freeway before passing out.
7. The next day, Alla and I headed up to Gramma and Grampa's house in the chilly mountains, where Alla was treated to tea (oh this was a JOY!) which she basically poured all over, but had great great fun with, and Ratatouille, which in case you didn't know, is pronounced "ratty-too-ee."
8. Special chair for big girls.
9. Special time with Gramma and Grampa, who we don't get to see enough.
10. Have to say to my wonderful hosts again, thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us for a week!
11. And thank you for snapping a few of us. I love this pic because you can see Redondo in the background, because we got to eat at Polly's on the Pier which we hadn't gotten around to in four years of living there, and because of those curls that just popped out in the humidity. If someone could bottle that, I would be eternally grateful.
12. Lest you think that I only have photos from a month ago, I will share one from our big snow on Saturday. I think we might have gotten 6ish inches. Ron and Alla made a trip outside midday to make sure the Netflix went out. Priorities.
13. Today she woke up with a head full of bouncy curls that were hardly tangly at all. Daddy takes amazing care to condition her hair every night. So thank you, Daddy, for making my job easier this morning.
14. We have started the 24 days of Christmas countdown for Alla. I would love to tell you that this is some original idea I dreamed up in one of my many sleepless nights, but it's straight out of Martha Stewart. But instead of putting it up on a wall, I'm killing two birds with one stone and decorating the mantel for the holidays.
15. Inside those little boxes are either tiny surprises like a wind-up bath penguin, a piece of paper with an activity on it (tonight we are watching Shrek the Halls - have I mentioned her Shrek obsession?), or a note telling her to look in her kitchen or on her train table, for example, for a bigger prize, like tomorrow's coloring book, or Sunday's Shrek baby. Oh. My. God. When she gets that Shrek baby, I think you might actually be able to hear the shrieks and squeals wherever you are in blogland.

16. Have you gotten your tree yet? Saturday is the big day for us.

17. Are you eating your fill of pomegranates? You've maybe got two months left, so eat up. Sunday's coupons had one for $1 off a pomegranate. And we got three inserts that day. Do they know who they are dealing with? Major loss for them. Whoever them is.

18. What's on your Christmas list? I have an official list, distributed to those who ask. But I'm also harboring a secret desire for both a sewing machine and a typewriter. Don't ask why cause I couldn't tell you. No specific plans for either. No curtains to be made, no books to write. No place to store them either. But I just like the idea of them for creative purposes. Like sewing a bunch on layouts or cards or announcements and typing a bunch on layouts and things to hang on the wall and photographs or announcements. It's just a wild thought, but those are the thoughts you have this dreamy time of year. Maybe I should hit up our local Goodwill.

19. I'm officially 26 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This is the final week of the second trimester.

20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN! Go wish Megan a happy 3-1 and see what amazing things her husband wrote for her!


Megan said...

Thanks for the shout out. And I love this 20 on Tuesday. Great pictures.

Katie Love Laughrey said...
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Katie Love Laughrey said...

Love all the pictures! Brings back how much fun we had having you guys here! Hope it won't be too long before your next visit. Alla's hair is gorgeous BTW! And yep we got our tree and decorated the house...who knew that process would be so exhausting!?

Susie said...

Maybe you have been watching You've Got Mail lately? Remember the boyfriend has some obsession with old typewriters??