Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy around here.

Seems like it's been busy, which is evidenced by the ghost town of a blog around here. I thought the best thing to do was to actually download the photos on my camera, and see what we've been up to.

Daddy made a paper dress for Alla's new stuffed love, a blue monkey that she named Lily, which, of course, is short for Lily Kafina (pronounced kaFINEuh). Of course.Someone turned 19 months. My favorite 19-month thing he does: tight squeeze hugs. He wraps his arms around our necks and then squeezes, saying squeeahz. Love it.Alla, you loved your hair on this evening, kept brushing it in front of your shoulders, after taking your braided piggies outand looking in the mirror. You had just gotten home from seeing Monsters v. Aliens with Daddy at his work. We looked at you in your wide-leg jeans and mary janes and thought your looked so big. Just baths, nothing special, just everyday.Everyday fun.Something special: Nana + Pappi came to visit! They're flying back home as we speak, and we miss them already. But, good thing, we'll be seeing them in a month for Turkey Day!


Megan said...

What is it with girls looking so old and grown allofasudden? I don't get it. I was looking at a picture of Mazie and Jamie together and thought "wow they were so young there" with chubby cheeks and all. Then there is the boy who isn't helping but seems to be slower at the looking older thing than the girls. Does that make sense?

Melanie said...

another thing we have in common... we have a nana + papi as well! :)

Sara said...

Love love love the fall picture with your mom and dad. The colors are just beautiful, and so are the people in it.

Amy said...

That boy and his smile. . . it's so infectious! I love it!!

pakosta said...

time flies doesn't it!?! 19 months already! how old is alla now? I keep forgetting if she turned 4 and when?! I have a bad memory! love the everday pix! can't wait to see more>! thinking of you and missing our old chats!