Sunday, October 04, 2009


I'm going to check "Reunion post" off my list, even though I know Ron's camera holds all the shots from the football game the daddies took their little girls to. We had such a great trip to Colorado, so enjoyed seeing our friends all in one place.

Jamie and Fisher seemed to have this bond, she would ask him, Did you say Stinky Jamie? And he would laugh, just like this.

At the zoo. Fisher did like the birds, but was also eyeing that puddle of water. Hello, Trouble.
Something about this, about the first of all our kiddos to be born, now pushing my littlest. She also read me a book we got her for her second birthday. Ah, time.
The giraffes at this zoo are right there. Amazing. I could have watched them all day.
I think this is where Mazie and Jamie were happiest.
I loved all the little moments. Seeing the kids all swinging, laughing together, pretending together. Eating, chatting. The way it would be if we all lived in a commune:)

Jacob has these amazing blue eyes. Or, should I say, Jay-bup does.
Lots of time for laying around with each other.

Thanks again, Stahrs, for a nice long weekend. It was just what we all needed, and will need again soon:)


Megan said...

You are so welcome. any.time! I love those pictures. I thought the same thing all weekend about how the kids were just being themselves and like we live near each other and do this all the time. I miss you!

Katie said...

I'm ready to join the commune. :-)