Monday, October 26, 2009

Four and a half.

My girl, you are four and a half today. Of course I only remembered this last night before bed and wrote it down so as not to miss it. You had no idea but were delighted about this "new" age when I told you. You have been doing four and a half year old stuff all day, like cleaning off the table after lunch (and you didn't even use the whole bottle!), and making me stand you in the closet where we "measure" you kids, to see if you are now taller. Well, by golly, you are! It isn't a real scientific measurement, of course, but it's also not impossible that you've grown in a, um, month, dear.
At four and a half, you
go through paper at an alarming rate
go through tape almost as fast
love to create
use your art box every single day
love books (today we read Emily and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish)
write your letters so sweetly
still choose blue as your favorite color
watch movies every Saturday and Sunday morning (this weekend: Pocohontas and Because of Winn-Dixie)
wear mostly 5T
love to snuggle or rock with me
eat pizza every Friday night
love Muffin Tin Monday
have gorgeous curls
have an ouchie on the bottom of your foot
go to bed by eight
wake up by eight
usually sleep later than Fisher
sleep with 5+ friends at night (currently: Baby Cow, Bear, Lily Kafina, Dog, Azzie, Laila)
love to dance (especially to: "Shake Sonora" or "Move it")
love music (especially the Shrek soundtrack, the Mary Poppins soundtrack, Elizabeth Mitchell, and all the songs on your "Happy Travels" CD)
make stuff daily
consider Carter and Canton your best friends
are so incredibly, immensely LOVED.


Melanie said...

how is she FOUR AND A HALF?!? wow.

and i keep meaning to ask you... can you tell me more about muffin tin monday?

Megan said...

You are loved, Big Girl, very much so!

Dre said...

OMG! that was fast wasn't it! luv you guys! xoxo dre

Cathy Bolander said...

WOW! 4 1/2 Alla. You are growing so quickly. I love that she is so in to art stuff. Makes a mama proud doesn't it?

pakosta said...

so that answers my question of how old she is now! 4.5 wow! crazy! I remember when you were so excited and pregnant with her and we used to chat daily! I buy typing paper for my girls because it's so cheap...they go through ALOT too! but I love that they are creative and love to draw, write, make cards etc....thanks for the update!

Sara said...

Shake Sanora (better known as Jump in the line) is my favorite dancing song too Alla. I use it as my cheer up song.

Amy said...

Wow! Love seeing what she's like these days. And glad to see you get a little fall color, and not just all cold!

Norina said...

This post makes my heart flutter! Thanks for sharing your little girl and her wonders with me/us!

Katie said...

The "half birthdays" kinda just sneak up on a yah, huh?

You are just as beautiful as the day you were born Miss Alla!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

oh my! What a lovely update! I had forgotten about Shake Sonora! I have that in my iTunes mix for the girls but it hasn't come up in forever! I should specifically bring it up one of these days because my little booty shaker, Cate, would love it! Thanks for the update!